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ASK Cubby – One Question, One Sober OctoBert

“Outlaw Rampage Pro

When will you guys be doing a review on the Kyosho rampage pro? I noticed it was in the servo review, and you did an unboxing, whats going on?

Matthew G.”

Cubby- Hey ya Matty, shoot me your snail mail for a sticker pack. Also, if you send me your shirt size, I will hook you up with one of those as well.

Ya, so what about our Kyosho Rampage PRO review? It should go live any time now. We put crazy power in it and had a great time. It drives in a very realistic manner, and being a 2wd, drives quite a bit differently than most of the trucks that we have been testing. Fun rig, you need one in your rc garage.

“A Question To Myself

Hello myself,

Are you going to invite the readers of BigSquidRC to join the Bash Crew for Sober OctoBert?

Geezzus get back to work!


Cubby- OK, so I batted this around for several months now. First off- I debated inviting the BSRC Bash Crew to participate in Sober OctoBert. I contacted a few of the guys, but most of the guys on our crew live pretty clean lives, so for most, it really wouldn’t be a huge benefit to participate. Anyways to get to the point…

Sober OctoBert started a few years ago on the Joe Rogan Podcast. Comedian Bert Kreischer has been known to drink in excess from time to time, so one year Rogan, along with some of his comedian friends, decided to hold a “Sober OctoBert”. Rogan and his crew still do Sober OctoBert on his podcast, so here I am throwing it out to all our BigSquidRC readers.

The members of the BigSquidRC Bash Crew that are participating this year will be eliminating substances that make a person un-sober (alcohol, cannabis, etc), plus other chemicals of their choosing (caffeine, nicotine, etc) from their lives for the month of October. We are doing this to simply try and have clear minds for a month. Also, because on the Rogan podcast physical challenge is a big part of it, we will also be doing some exercise. Rc hobbyists are not known as the healthiest bunch of guys on the planet, so the work out is needed, but be sure and check with your doctor before starting any work-out program. With that said, for Sober OctoBert our Bash Crew will be doing 20 push-ups Mon-Fri as well as two 20 minute “work out” sessions per week. The “work out” sessions can be something like running, biking, yoga, tai chi, or basically anything that keeps you off the couch. For those of us already working out every week, we will be adding those things to our current work out schedules.

However… October is a long month, and well, we have the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo coming up half way through it. I don’t I think I need to tell you guys that the “real” #1 reason we go to trade shows is to party, so our Bash Crew will be taking off October 12th and 13th for the show, so feel free to cheat with us over those two days. 🙂

Have a crazy rc question? Need the worst possible answer? Feel like being sober for an entire month? Email me- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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