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ASK Cubby – Quarantine Questions

“Pro-Line Supersonic Question


Does the new Supersonic speed run body from Pro-Line fit my two wheel SC10? Thanks for any advice.

Corey C.”

Cubby- Yo Corey, thank You for taking the time to write in. I have actually been getting a bit more email the last few days, including a few questions about the new Pro-Line Supersonic.

It is very cool for Pro-Line to step out there and create a dedicated speed run body for short course trucks. While stated to fit the Traxxas Slash 4×4, the Slash 4×4 uses a similar wheelbase and width to most 1/10th scaled SCTs, both 2 and 4wd. This means the Supersonic should easily fit a wide variety of different short course trucks, including your Team Associated SC10.

Now, depending on your body mounts, it may bolt right on with a little adjustment. Or, you may need extended body mounts for certain SCTs, where Pro-Line also has you covered (part #6087-00). So Corey, be sure and shoot me a pic of what it took to mount your Supersonic, plus I would love to see how you ended up painting yours.

Go fast, bash hard, stay well…

“Axial SCX10 III

I got up this morning to see the new Axial SCX10 III on the top of Big Squid!!!!! This should get the crawling world going again, what do you think of it Cubby?

Barns W.”

Cubby- Well hello there Barns, thanks for writing in. If you email me your snail mail, I will get ya hooked up with one of our sticker packs.

So, about that all new Axial Racing SCX10 III, ya, I am very stoked for it! I think a lot of the Axial faithful have been waiting for a rig like this for a while, and I dig all of its new features. Huge fan of the hidden body clips, as well as the replica engine. You can do DIG and/or a two speed, thus making it even more versatile out on the trail, while portal style axles will make it even more capable. The Jeep JL body looks very nicely proportioned, this kit should be HUGE for the Axial brand in the coming months.

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