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Damn Cubby, your review on the 8S X-Maxx is whack. You scared to criticize Traxxas or what? That thing is expensive, how could you give it a B for value?

Barnes S.”

Cubby- Yo what’s up Barney? Thanks for the email, don’t forget to shoot me your home mailing address for one of our very trick sticker packs.

“My” review of the Traxxas 8S X-Maxx is whack? Seriously, “whack”? First off… (man, this is starting off like a forum rant from 1998), it isn’t “my” review, it is our review. While I might be the guy writing the thing up, what is contained inside is the culmination of several test driver’s opinions. From pro driver to salt-of-the-Earth daily basher, our test crew covers a wide range of experience, and more importantly, opinions and biases.

Yes… writing up the 8S X-Maxx review was tough. I don’t inherently like writing up “nice” reviews. In fact, I would rather rip the heck out of every product, but now days most everything we test has been really solid. However… the 8S X-Maxx was different. We actually sat around for hours debating the truck. Debating what? Debating if we thought it was the very definition of the best bash truck that money can buy right now.

There are other trucks that are bigger, there are other trucks that are faster, but as an overall package, an overall truck to be used by the masses in their backyard or local park, we simply could not deny the 8S X-Maxx. It is everything that we expected from a best-of-the-best backyard basher, and we can not think of another truck that works better in that application. If we had a backyard bashing world championships and could only use one bone stock truck, the 8S X-Maxx is the one we are going to grab. Now, of course that is just our opinion at this time, and only a real shootout could prove otherwise, but for a truck to even make us think about it being the new king of the hill, it has got to be incredibly impressive.

Oh, and about value. Have you priced other large scale rc cars lately? Price points of a grand (or well over) are not unusual. The 8S X-Maxx comes in under a grand and is a finely tuned bash truck right out of the box that doesn’t require a bunch of mods before driving. That’s why it got a B. We realize that a whole lot of people are at a much lower price point, but a “B” in the value category should help tell people that if they do decide to cut that big of a check, that the 8S X-Maxx offers a lot of return/fun/performance for the cash.

Lastly… I am only scared of one thing, and I sleep beside her every night. Interesting dichotomy isn’t it?

Peace and love bro, peace and love.


Been looking for info on the RC10T4.3 but have not come up with much of anything. Anyone at Big Squid RC have any experience with this truck?

Thanks… Jeremy M.”

Cubby- Hey ya Jeremy, thanks for the email.

The Associated T4 series has been around a longggg time. Yes, the point 3 version of the truck has numerous revisions over the original, but overall, it is a dated design. AE recently announced a “new” T4.3 RTR that comes with an updated radio and with a LiPo battery for the bashing crowd, for whatever that might be worth.

So… yes, I have a million hours with the T4 platform over the years. For racing locally it can still be quite competitive and it is easy to find good set-ups on-line. For bashing… it would definitely be preferred over a 1/10th 2wd buggy, but wouldn’t be as good of a basher as most 1/10th monster trucks. The T4 wasn’t known for durability initially (in the beginning it actually sucked) but the later RTR versions with softer plastic could take quite a bit of abuse.

In closing… if a T4.3 is to be your first truck, not a bad choice, but if you are looking for a hardcore basher, there are much better options at the same (or lower) price point.

Yup, this ASK Cubby is a wrap! Do you have some sort of weird rc question? Have an rc related rant that you just gotta get off your chest? Gotta spew some love (or hate) and just can’t keep it inside anymore? Did your wife just leave and your dog just die? If so, email me, thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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