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“Best Crawler Under 300 Part 2

Hey Cubby!

Need yalls help, lots of new cheap scale crawlers out now, which is best in your opinion? Force RC Northwood or RGT 86100 jeep? Or Redcat Gen7 or Gen 8 Scout? I’m not too fond of the Sport model’s looks and paying extra for the Pro version…


Best Regards,

Tai C.”

Cubby- Yo Tai, thanks for writing in, good to hear from you again.

Ya know what? You are not kidding when you say there are a bunch of new affordable crawlers on the market. There are probably close to a dozen, with most of them looking quite good. The down side is that we’ve yet to drive many of them, so I don’t have a ton of first-hand info for you. Maybe give us a few weeks/months to get some of the trucks reviewed, or better still, maybe the BSRC Bash Crew gets a bunch of sub $300 crawlers together for a shoot-out! You would love to see it, I would love to see it, Everyone out in scale rc land would LOVE to see it! I need to get with Brian to get some trucks on the way…


“Fastest X-Maxx

I think I have the fastest X-Maxx in the world. Last weekend it did 114 kph, the fastest that I’ve ever seen. What’s the fastest X-Maxx that you know of?

Darcy D.”

Cubby- Well hello there Darcy, thanks for sending me an email. It is cool to see you so stoked about going fast! And while the Traxxas X-Maxx is much better suited to the backyard than the drag strip, it is indeed a lot of fun to speed run. After the X-Maxx was first released, and before the 8S version come out, we built up our test truck with a gnarly 8S Kershaw power system. I don’t remember how fast we got it to go, but it was a lot of fun blasting back and forth across an open parking lot. It had crazy wheelie power at pretty much any speed, and totally ignored (read- ran over and spit out the back) all the smaller trucks that we were bashing with.

To answer your question, I have no idea who has the fastest X-Maxx on the planet, but your truck is right around 70 mph, which is absolutely flying with an X-Maxx (or any monster truck). Perhaps some of our readers can shoot us a video of their X-Maxx going faster??? I would love to see who has the fastest X-Maxx out there and I know Darcy sure would too. If someone can show us an X-Maxx going faster than 70 mph I will post it right here in ASK Cubby for the entire world to see.

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