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ASK Cubby – Readers Write In, I Dodge The Questions

First off, myself and the rest of the BigSquid crew would like to send out well wishes to all our rc friends that were affected by the earthquake in Hokkaido Japan. There are a LOT of rc companies in that area, we hope you are all safe and well!

“More Rants

Sold by B6 to buy a B6.1, but the price scared me away, so I waited and waited and then BAM a Factory Lite version appears this week??!! 4 months later? really? now i’ll wait for the b6.2 or even b7 because at this rate it should be out in 3 months.

Actually, maybe i’ll spend the same money for Rustler 4×4 or buy two brushed Slash 4×4’s and have one for a spare. My point- Traxxas is killing it (good thing).

If the RC market is in shambles, Traxxas sure doesn’t seem to know it. they keep releasing great stuff at good price points. Speaking of price points- what the hell Tamiya- raising prices on everything?

Cubby- Whats your take on this?
Will you be at the Abt show?

Jimmy D.”

Cubby- Ya know Jimmy, we have been talking a long time now, and you never fail to deliver. LOL

About Traxxas, no doubt, they are in it to win it. And absolutely, when a lot of big names aren’t announcing many (if any) new cars (HPI for example), it is a good thing that Traxxas is putting the pedal to the metal to help get more exposure for our entire industry.

About Team Associated and their 2wd buggies… actually it usually takes them forever to put something out, and then it is a design that is at least one gen behind. But ya, I hear ya, that is the racing game, tons of new tech and cars, and that’s part of the reason I don’t race anymore.

About Tamiya, I’ve had long talks with numerous industry types in just the last few days about Tamiya. What’s left in this hobby is a bunch of actual, true, die-hard, hobbyists. Those guys just don’t want RTR, they want kits, even if they are old school. Without so much market pressure now days (so few releases from other companies), I would expect Tamiya to come on strong in the next 24 to 36 months, and heck, I just might join in. If there is nothing else new to buy from the companies I normally buy from, I might as well get started on a kick ass Tamiya collection to go with the rest of the cars in my personal collectible fleet. I have not looked at their prices, but from what I’ve seen (like the new Comical Grasshopper coming in well under $200) they still seem quite reasonable, but I would expect their pricing to go north a bit with their increase in sales. They are simply getting more popular again, therefore you should expect to see prices rise accordingly.

And lastly, I am going to put my odds at being at the ABT Cruisin’ For Awareness in Glenview, IL at around 50/50, but the BSRC Bash Crew will be there in force. That event is coming up on Sept. 9th, which is this weekend!!! For those that attend, drop by our booth for free stickers and a chance to shoot the bull with all our lunatics. Oh and, you can even meet Jimmy D.! I will try and make it bro, but you don’t forget the Dom. 🙂

“Bash Armor

Hey Cubby,

I saw the new Pro-Line Bash ARMOR body and I want one, but I don’t have an X-Maxx!!!!!! Have you heard when Pro-Line might start making Bash Armor bodies for smaller trucks like my ARRMA Granite? If anyone will know it will be you, what’s the inside line on this?

Ben C.”

Cubby- Yo Ben, thanks a bunch for writing in. Shoot me a snail mail for a BSRC sticker pack.

Well Ben, I am waiting to get my hands on that new X-Maxx Bash Armor body myself! In fact, our entire crew can’t wait to try one out in person! If it is as tough as they say it is, we will have just found our new “go to” bodies!

As far as different Bash Armor bodies for other vehicles, well, I would think that the crew at P-L are biting at the bit to see how Bash Armor is going to take off. It is something completely new for our industry, and as such, it may take a while to really get its legs. It took LiPo a long time to really start selling, as did brushless, but if the Bash Armor is as tough as they say it is, it should become the standard for people that bash on the extreme side of things (like every person that works at BSRC… LOL).

So to really answer your question, I have no inside scoop on this one. However, if I had to bet on it, I would say that Bash Armor is gonna get real huge, real quick, and that would mean bodies for a lot of other trucks, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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