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Hey Cubby,

I just ended up trading for a Losi SCTE and it came with a brushless system, but no connector on the esc. There are a lot of different connectors on the market, which one should I use?


Cubby- Waazzzupppp Barnes? Thanks for writing in buddy, shoot me your snail mail for a BigSquidRC sticker pack.

And yes, there are a lot of different connectors on the market, many of which that work quite well. However, if I were to recommend just one connector for you, it would be Deans. The Deans are also known as “t-style” connectors and work great for 1/10th scale applications like your SCTE. Deans are not the easiest to solder, but they are generally easy to use and last a long time. I recommend them to you because a lot of hobbyists run Deans connectors, so the next time you are out bashing, hopefully you won’t be the only guy running that particular connector.

Thanks for writing in, don’t forget to let me know which connector you ended up using, as well as how you like them so far.

“Build Time


I am getting ready to purchase a new Cross scale crawler, how long does it take to build?

Charles K.”

Cubby- Yo hey Charles, how’s it going? Thanks for writing in, and of course a sticker pack is yours if you send me your snail mail.

I don’t know exactly which Cross RC model you are buying (the Demon SG4 is Very Nice), but the time it takes to build a scale crawler really depends on you. If you went really quickly, you could probably get it together is a few hours. However, most scale builders will take their time and enjoy the build, while also adding hop-ups or some scale accessories while they assemble their new truck. I would think if you planned for a couple evenings getting the chassis built, and a couple more evenings to finish the body/install electronics, that would be a pretty typical build. The length of time that you use on a build is really up to you, just enjoy it!

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