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“3S Lipos

Hi, what are some good 3s lipos for someone on a budget, but doesn’t want to get new bright quality? I’m thinking This. It is for an ARRMA Notorious I’m saving up for, since the Tamiya had terrible customer support, and a dud of an esc we’re returning it, and I’m saving up for a notorious. Are those good batteries?


Matthew G.”

Cubby- Thanks for writing in again Matty, this question is probably one that a lot of new hobbyists are also asking.

For an affordable 3S LiPo battery, I am a fan of Gens Ace. IMO, they have some of the “Best bang for the buck” batteries on the market. The link that you included in your email goes to a 3S Gens Ace that is rated at 50C and 5000mAh. Yes, that battery should work well in your new Notorious when it arrives. However, the pack that you linked to is a soft pack. For easy or general use, soft packs are fine. If you start sending-it and doing more extreme bashing, I would however recommend that you go hardcase. A LiPo with a hardcase tends to last longer (not in runtime, but in not getting physically destroyed) for extreme bashers.

Go fast, jump long, and I wanna see picks of your Notorious airborne after you get it. 🙂

“Dynamite 15 Turn Motor

I have been burning up motors in my Torment like crazy. I just can not seem to keep one alive. What am I doing wrong?

Trent N.”

Cubby- Yo Trent, thanks for taking some time to write me an email. As always, your snail mail will get ya one of our ridiculously uber BSRC sticker packs.

So, you are burning up the stock Dynamite 15 turn brushed motor in your Torment? There are all sorts of things that may be causing it.

1. You are geared way too tall. You may have far too large of a pinion gear installed, or you may have bolted on much larger/heavier tires. Both of these will send motor temps through the roof, and will drastically shorten the lifespan of a motor.

2. You are running in a lot of mud. Mud not only adds a bunch of weight to your truck, but it can also get all over the motor (making it get hot faster), and you may be splashing a bunch of mud right into the motor. If you get some mud inside a RTR brushed motor, it can drastically decrease life.

3. Binding. Take off your pinion and give your truck a light push. If should roll with very little resistance. If your truck has a bearing going bad somewhere, or another form of binding that creates a lot of extra resistance, that could be your issue as well. Oh, when you put that pinion gear back on, make sure to set proper mesh with the spur using a small piece of paper.

Those are some of the more common reasons for blowing up a motor, so start there. And if you would, please shoot me an email letting me know exactly what ended up being the reason behind your motor woes.

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