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I am a giant fan of your new podcast, any news on who will be on next?

Walter O.”

Cubby- Hey Walter, thanks for writing in, send me your snail mail for one of our uber-licous sticker packs.

Yo, so we’ve been super lucky with the podcast. Tim Gluth from RCNewb has been kicking butt and taking names. Most people have yet to check out our podcast, but you can Click This Link to check out the four that are live at the moment.

Coming up next is Pro-Line’s Matt Wallace. Many of you hardcore guys already know Matt, he is a designer/engineer at P-L and was one of the instrumental guys behind Pro-Line’s line-up of vehicles. Matt is also becoming known for his work over on the PRO-MT 4×4 FB group and is fun guy to chill and talk rc with. I am not sure if he will be at RC Fest this weekend, but in the past he has traveled to a bunch of industry events for P-L.

Past that, we have a perhaps a B I G interview with Joe Ambrose over the weekend at RC Fest. For those of you not in the industry, Ambrose is the main man at Horizon Hobby, and has been for years, so needless to say, he is the perfect person to interview right now during the Horizon/Hobbico transition. While not a podcast, and if we get some face time with Ambrose over the weekend, we will shoot him some questions, but I am not sure if we will post in video or written form. We’ll see.

Gluth does our podcast and is fairly new to the rc industry, but has an amazing voice, and likes to ask a nice blend of tech questions, along with average run-of-the-mill basher questions. We have a couple names on the list at the moment for upcoming podcasts, but if you have a company that would like to be featured, just hit the “contact us” link at the very bottom of the page and let us know what your company would like to talk about. We are also now looking for a sponsor for the podcast, so if you are looking to get that type of exposure, just shoot Brian (our owner) an email.

“Horizon RC Fest This Weekend

Cubby, I am going to RC Fest, but only on Saturday, when are you going to be there? While I have your ear, where are we supposed to pit at and will there be AC power?

Troy D.”

Cubby- Hey Troy, props for writing in. Like many people, you are making last minute plans to head to Monticello, Illinois this weekend for Horizon Hobby’s RC Fest. Because this is the first year where everyone can bring their own rc gear, a lot of plans are still being made, so not everything is in stone right now. However, things are going to be super simple at RC Fest, so here it goes.

I am going to be at RC Fest for a “couple of hours” on Saturday. I have two meetings that I need to get in some face time with people, otherwise I will be wondering around for a couple of hours to check things out.

Several members of our Bash Crew will be there all three days. We will be keeping an eye over the bashing area, plus we will be putting on an extreme long jump contest. Parking at RC Fest is a large open field, so there is tons of parking, but I am not sure where the bash guys will be pitting. After you get to RC Fest, I would recommend walking back to the bash area and touching base with whoever is working in that area to find out where to pit. Look for any of our guys wearing BigSquidRC t-shirts, or any of the Horizon Hobby staff which will most likely being wearing blue Horizon shirts if you have questions after arriving.

About AC or DC power. There will not be DC available (other than your own car or borrowing off someone else’s power supply), and we are not sure if we will have AC in the bashing area. Like normal bashing, be prepared to charge off your 12 volt full sized car battery, but we will try to get the best power that we can going in the bash pitting area.

RC Fest is really new, so expect a few snafus here and there, but at the end of the day, it should be incredible fun this year. Then next year, when it really blows up, all the details should be ironed out.

See ya there Saturday Troy!

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