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“Suggestion/ Thanks

First off, awesome website with a ton of usefull info. I recently got back into the rc hobby after about decade. Boy was I surprised when I ripped down the block with brushless for the first time and then promptly “needed” to jump my real car and have my neighbors questioning my sanity as they stood around waiting for me to break something. I have always said there is a fine line between something being awesome and stupid, the difference being whether you make it or not. I ended up building three more cars so my girlfriend and two year old son could start driving with me. Yes, the math doesn’t add up but shhhh don’t tell my girlfriend.

I have a slight suggestion though. Why not do a readers ride section? Its cool to see what everyone else is bashing with and the custom things they have done. Sure the forum’s and social media sites are saturated with this already but a once a month thing spot lighting the fans would be pretty awesome.

Regardless, keep up the great work.

Thanks for your time,
Koby G.”

Cubby- Yooooo, MTV raps Koby, and thanks for the letter. It is so sterling that I decided to give it the “Letter Of The Month” designation. Congrats, we’ll be hooking you up with a new BSRC t-shirt.

So… why no “Readers Ride” section? Because… wait for it… oh so close… because it is so over done. Like pretty much everywhere has one. And yes, when you look at the dying forums or all the Facebook groups, readers rides are just simply everywhere. Yes, we have done some readers rides before, and might even again in the future, nothing is ever written in stone around here (or anywhere really except for death and taxes).

There ya have it, thanks for reading and enjoy that t-shirt when it arrives.

Monster trucks

Hey Cubby,

I am looking for a 4 wheel drive RTR monster truck that costs less than $425 and that I can bash on all day.

Any suggestions would be helpful.
Vinnie P.”

Cubby- Well hello there Vincent. So nice of you to take a couple minutes to send in an email.

Ya know what I like most about your letter? How you use the amount of exactly $425. You sound like my wife. For example. She’ll walk up and say “Hey Cubby, I need $84.12 for new soccer shoes for the boy.”. It’s just the preciseness of it all that I can’t wrap my head around. Whenever I go anywhere, I use big round numbers. A dinner at Ruth’s Chris? Ya, that an easy $500. Hitting up Best Buy, no way I’m walking out for under $300. It’s just how my brain is wired.

Ok… so a 4wd RTR monster truck that costs less than $425. You didn’t mention brushed or brushless, but here are my top recommendations.

If you are brand spank’n new to the hobby, I would highly recommend the 1/10 4WD Brushed ECX Ruckus. And just why would I recommend that to noobies? Because it has a very low price point ($239), it is very rugged, and it isn’t so fast that it would a person into a whole lot of trouble.

But… for more experienced drivers with a $425 budget, I would recommend the Traxxas Stampede VXL 4WD. Why the Traxxas? With the VLX brushless system it has a lot of speed, it can take a good hard beating, and parts are pretty much everywhere for it. Oh and… it comes in around $450 clams, but I am pretty sure you can find the extra 25 bucks floating around your house somewhere.

So there ya go, shoot me an email (with pics!) of whatever you end up buying.

And this week’s ASK Cubby is a wrap. Don’t be shy, shoot me an email- thecubreportrc at Gmail dot com is the address you want to use. If your letter hits the big show you’ll get a free sticker pack. Even better, if it is “Letter of the Month” we hook you up with one of our extra sweet BSRC t-shirts.

Go outside and break some stuff.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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