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“Battery Charger

Hey Cubby,

I’ve been into the hobby for about a year now and I was looking to get a better battery charger. I currently have a Dynamite Prophet Sport Plus and it has worked well for my purposes but at this point I have multiple batteries and don’t wish to sit around for 3 to 4 hours to charge all of them before I go out for some fun. Do you have any recommendations for a quality multiple battery capable charger that is sub $200. Just for reference all of the batteries I intend to charge are 2s or 3s 500Mah packs with EC3 connectors, and if possible i’d also like to be able to use the charger for my 1s ultra micro park flyer batteries.

Thanks for your input,
Chris F.”

Cubby- Hey ya Chris, thanks for shooting me an email, if you send me your snail mail we’ll get ya hooked up with a very trick BSRC sticker pack.

Yes, yes, yes!!! Of course I have a recommendation for ya. We tested the Hitec Power Peak D7 a few months ago and I am a big fan. It’s a big dual port charger that is easy to use, has a very good quality of charge, it can charge at up to 20 amps, and can be used off of AC or DC power. It is a trusted charger that I’ve used around the office for several months, that is why I would recommend it to you. It is a bit above your price point, but IMO well worth every cent.

Have fun, go fast, and let us know what you ended up spending your cash on.

“Ask Cubby: Selling RCs

Hey, Cubby

Where do you turn if you want to sell or trade your RCs? I’d like to avoid paying Ebay 10% or having the baby cut out of my stomach meeting somebody from Craigslist.

Ryan M.”

Cubby- Yo Ryan, thanks for the email. Don’t forget to shoot me another one with your snail mail for a sticker pack.

Where is my “go to” place to sell off rc cars? Ummmmmmmm… great question. It has been years since I have sold one, so in all honesty, I do not have any good first hand info for ya. Nearly everything I get in the rc world is given to me, so in that spirit when I am done with a truck I either give it away to someone at the track, or if it is completely trashed, I simply toss it in the trash.

I do however sell various items on Craigslist, which is less than optimal, but I do it because every sale is a unique experience. I get bored very quickly, meeting up with a guy to sell him a set of vintage Polk SDA-1s is actually great fun to me. Yes, I have had some issues here and there, but none that a Glock or tossing a burner phone could not solve.

Back in the day, when I was selling rc gear, I was pretty lucky. I was typically around a lot of people at a track, which made sales super easy. I was selling to the guys I raced with, that I knew first hand, so that made it totally trouble free. I would recommend the same to you, but you might not have a local spot where hobbyists gather, thus forcing you to sell on-line.

Ya, so I know you didn’t get a good answer, but that’s all I got.

Yuppers, you’ve made it to the end of another ultra-zoot edition of ASK Cubby. Don’t be a slacker, get those questions/comments/rants in! thecubreportrc at gmail dot com is my addy. Until next week, have fun break’n stuff and support your hobby when ya can!

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