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“TRX-4 Servo


My stock servo just went out and I don’t want to pay a bunch for a new one. What would you use in a TRX-4 for around 50 bucks?

Thanks dude,

Donald R.”

Cubby- Hey ya Donny, thanks for writing in. Shoot me your snail mail for one of our really cool sticker packs.

I have been running a TRX-4 quite a bit lately, and ran the stocker for a couple months, but have now gone to a waterproof Hitec, I think it may be a 646. The 646 isn’t a high end unit, but it is perfect for slogging through mud and bouncing off ruts all day long. After a quick Google search, the HS-646WP comes in well under fifty bucks and is a solid choice for most scale crawlers.

“Kraton Or Typhon??????

OK master of all that is rc, here is my dilemma. I have finally saved up the cash for a new ARRMA 1/8. What are the up and downsides of going monster truck vs buggy?


Nolan M.”

Cubby- Yo hey Nolan, I get a lot of that exact question (roughly), so here ya go big man.

OK, so lets assume you are gonna do “normal” bashing. Normal bashing would be doing speed runs on pavement, blasting around in grass, throwing some serious roost on dirt, and of course hitting some ramps.

Major Upside 1/8 MT- Much larger form factor/tires, this allows the MT to handle better on rougher surfaces.

Major Upside 1/8 Buggy- Very low slung, incredible turning and is less prone to traction rolling.

Major Downside 1/8 MT- The larger form factor can hurt it in tight spaces, also handles more slowly compared to a buggy.

Major Downside 1/8 Buggy- The smaller size of a buggy can really hold it back when the going gets super rough.

However Nolan, both are super highly capable bash vehicles. Both can absolutely rip up your local bash spot, catch insane air, go stupid fast in speed runs, etc. Your decision should be based on- how much room do you have to bash? If you don’t have a lot, the buggy is the natural call. If you have a lot, the truggy could get the nod. Oh and, do you simply like the looks of one more than another? Seriously, you will have a blast with either.

Thanks for writing in, shoot me an email with whichever you end up cutting the check for.

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