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“In need of a very simple, frank answer.

Hi cubby, Its me again. This question is impossible to research and Im quite seriously getting depressed about this. This question does not need to get posted or anything Im just looking for a short, sweet, dry answer from someone who can actually answer it. Is our hobby dead?

I want to premise this by saying that this hobby has been as much apart of my life as my family and friends since I can remember. Im only 18 but have been the hobby for close to 10 years now, and before that I was always in the hobby shop with my dad drooling over all the cars and Monster trucks with a childs imagination. I met a few of my closest childhood friends because of the hobby, some of my earliest memories with my dad are with these toys. I just remember a certain feeling, almost like an aurora about the hobby from those days, the feeling of anything is possible. There where so many aftermarket companies and support companies you could buy literally anything you could imagine. Now I feel like the hobby has shrunk down to the size of a lhs. Everything that is in that hobby shop is all that is left. No more aftermarket companies, no more new vehicles, no more innovations, no more thrill. Almost every company has ether failed or cut there product line back to just a few vehicles or parts. Mip just dumped everything they make. Im still in shock about this but Novak, one of the biggest names in the hobby just closed up. Hpi, one of the big four names in hobby, gone. I feel like my hobby is gone. Im hoping since you can look at the actual numbers if you can tell me yes or no about the future of our hobby. Just be brutally honest. Thanks Cubby and everyone at BSRC. I have been a reader for over 8 years keep it up!

Spencer M.”

Cubby- Hey ya buddy, good to hear from ya again.

And might I say that is quite the rant you have there, huge props, I need more of those in my in-box.

So… now I actually need to come up with a real response. Here is your simple, frank answer.

No, our hobby isn’t dead. And I can say that honestly with plenty of input from the makers and shakers that run this industry.

However… and there is always a however… the industry has been slow since 2008. Pretty much every day I have an email discussion about this subject with various industry types that are worried, but I’ll tell you what I tell them- every industry has ups and downs, it is just how the world works, it is completely normal. Now… the industry has plenty of problems, there are too many companies making cars/parts, racing is a mess, there are too many new releases with too little proper marketing, and local hobby shops are having a very rough time. But still, our industry is just one game changing “T-Maxx” away from breaking sales records.

While slow times are normal, what we desperately don’t want to see happen is our industry ending up like slot cars, or paint ball, or car audio. Those are industries, that for numerous reasons, went into a black hole and have yet to work their way back out. But fear not young Spencer, I can assure you there are some extremely intelligent and savvy people working at the top of this industry to ensure that simply will not happen to us.

Ok, so not such a “simple, frank answer”, but it is true to the best of my knowledge.

P.S.- HPI is still alive and well with new ownership. MIP, as far as I know, is doing fine, they did blow out some old inventory but that was simply to make space for new upcoming products. And Novak, yes RIP, and it amazes me how a brushless company like them could fold up during the brushless/LiPo era.

“1/5 Losi MTXL

Did you do a write up on your conversion of the 1/5th scale Losi MTXL to brushless? Did you go to a 12s setup? Very interested in possibly doing the same. Would love to hear more about your build and or see pics.

Thanks, John P.”

Cubby- Hey ya Johnny P, thanks for the email. You know the drill, shoot us your snail mail for a sticker pack.

Have we done a write up on converting one of those giant Losi Monster Truck XLs to electric? Nope, we have not. However… our Bash Crew member Craig “The Uber Ramp Builder Guy” Nelson has indeed done what you are talking about. Sounds like I need to get to twisting his arm to do a write up and a video on taking the MTXL from fun, to straight up insane. So hold that thought John, I will see what we can get kick’n for ye.

And… ASK Cubby is a wrap. Ya know, I accept all sorts of email. Love mail. Hate mail. Endless rants. Girlfriend advice. Heck, even letters about actual rc cars. Want in on the fun? My addy is thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. You will probably never hear from me, but if your email hits the big time you’ll get a free sticker pack. Better yet, if yours is “Letter of the Month” we’ll hook ya up with one of our world famous t-shirts.

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