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ASK Cubby – Special Mud, Rocks, & Tears Edition

“Scale Event

Hi Cubby,

The Bigsquidrc scale crawl is going to be my first one! I am so excited I can’t wait. I have a pair of SCX10s that I will be bringing. My question to you fine sir is what else do I need to bring?

See you Saturday Cubby!

Martin S.”

Cubby- Yo hey Martin, thanks for writing in on this fine Thursday. As always, I’ll trade ya your snail mail for a sticker pack.

So, you are about to hit up your very first crawling/scaling/off-road event! That’s super cool and it will be nice to meet you. In fact, our whole staff is super stoked about this weekend. We can’t wait to get in some serious trail time, but more importantly, we can’t wait to meet and hang out with some new people in the rc community.

OK, so what else do you need to bring?

Yup, you’ll need your trucks, plus tools, spare parts, battery chargers, a chair and table, and $10 for the entry fee. Most people will be charging DC off their full sized rigs, so just a heads up on that. The local forecast for Saturday is a high of 43 with sunshine. The venue where the trail loop is in some deep hills, so we typically haven’t been getting a lot of wind there. You may or may not want to bring an EZ up for some sun shade. On the bug side of things, we can report that because of cold temps in the area, our guys just haven’t been seeing many. However, a bottle of bug repellent in your truck might not be a bad idea just in case.

Basically, you load the address for the venue into your GPS and show up. We’ll have some guys to show you where to park and where to sign-up. After that, we’ll hold a drivers meeting to make sure you know the rules and so forth. You can grab one of your trucks and run the loop. If you make it without your truck needing repair/breaking, you get an event pin. If you decide to run the loop NO HOG style without marshalling your truck via your hand, you may get a NO HOG pin as well (If they show up in time). The more serious guys can grab a score card and keep score while they run the loop. No, we won’t have a guy permanently stationed at each gate, but we will have guys roaming the loop to keep an eye on things. For the guys that are scoring, we will award a winner in the 1.9 as well as 2.2 classes. Yes, the scoring is honesty based, so we might have a “lot” of winners, but this event is being held all in good fun, we hope everyone keeps it that way. Oh and, you can run the loop with as many trucks as you want for the $10 entry fee. Pretty cool eh?

After getting your fill of the scale loop, you can bash all day in the bashing area. We’ll have ramps set-up for catching big air, etc. We’ll also have a mud pit worked up if you wanna race your buddies in the mud, and the RC Freaks Club should also have soda and water for sale should you need something to drink. Restrooms are Johnny-on-the-spot style, but real running water restrooms are less than a 5 minute drive away for the ladies. A Wal-Mart is within 10 minutes of the venue, along with all sorts of places to eat.

Lastly, we have a LOT of give away prizes. Many are easily worth the $10 entry fee and we will be giving away 2 trucks from Horizon Hobby, as well as a truck from RC4WD.

To boil it down, if you show up with a truck, a charged battery, and $10, you can have a great time!


Hey Cubby, what tires will work best for MRT2018? How much mud is there going to be? Is it mostly rock? What tires are YOU using this weekend? Hook a brother up for tire info buddy!

Jason A.

p.s.- Hey Cubby, how about some stickers for my trucks? I have like 20 of them.”

Cubby- Yo Jason, we’ve been talking via email for a while now, it will be cool to see ya this weekend.

About tires…

The 2018 Mud, Rocks, & Tears course has a nice blend of topsoil, straight up mud, leaves, and rocks. Most of the driving on the loop will be over wet topsoil. The dirt at the venue is a black, luscious blend of decomposing leaves. However, the dirt is only a few inches deep, with rock immediately underneath. The areas close to the gates will be mostly all rock, but otherwise most of the driving is on good old fashioned dirt.

The local area has received tons of rain in the last 3 weeks. This week, it has been mostly dry, so the trail won’t be as saturated, but I expect there to still be plenty of mud on the course.

Which tires am I running? I will be driving a lightly modified 68′ Ford Vaterra Ascender on Pro-Line Interco Super Swamper 1.9s. There might very well be better tires for the venue on the day of the event, but I have driven those (the Swampers) last fall at the venue and they seemed to work really well.

So there ya go big guy, see ya in 48 hours or so!

There it is folks, another ASK Cubby is in the history books. I do hope to meet/see many of you animals this weekend out on the trail, otherwise feel free to email me anytime- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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