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Have you guys heard from RJ @ TheToyz recently? Is rj still with us? His FaceBook page hasn’t had any new posts since like last November, and BSRC hasn’t posted anything new from TheToyz from around that time too.

Just wondering if you guys knew anything?



And here is a picture of my Slash

Cubby- I actually posted something about RJ Blaisdell from a few weeks ago. His wife was nice enough to send us a short message letting us know that sadly RJ had suffered two more strokes around Thanksgiving. That’s all I know at this time, but I will attempt to get more information. Look in THE Cub Report in the coming weeks, I will post more if I hear anything.

I would like to mention something that RJ had always stressed to me after his first stroke. He stressed to go to your doctor and get a check-up. He stressed to simply take care of yourself. Myself, along with several other staffers have taken that to heart. RJ was a normal Joe Blow like you and me, working hard every day for his family. Too many of us focus on other things, instead of the truly important things like our own health. I have personally been on a health kick, our writer Tim has lost weight, and even Brian (the owner) is getting on the planking/eating healthy/exercise bandwagon. We have other staffers also trending towards getting healthier as well.

“What’s Up Whiner?????


I could not help but notice you losing it over the new Associated Enduro crawler in the Cub Report. The Enduro looks like a great rig to crawl with to me, what’s your problem man?

Corey G.”

Cubby- Yo hey ya Corey, thanks for the email. Don’t forget to send me your home mailing addy for one of our sticker packs. So here’s the scoop.

Back in the day, I was hardcore AE. AE simply led the way. They were normally first when introducing new tech, and they ruled the marketplace. They were simply head and shoulders above everyone else. Those were the old days.

Because I was/am so hardcore AE, I hate to see them not at the very front of the pack. And unfortunately, I still hold them to wayyyyyy too high of a standard. I hold them to days like the 80s and 90s, but the rc landscape is just so entirely different now.

I truly need to get over it and readjust my brain to the AE of more recent years. But, it is hard for me. All that incredible AE marketing back in the day (thanks again Ogle!!!) made me into a person that still, to this day, bleeds AE (raced AE 2wd all winter). Also, to make it even harder on my mind, I know the amount of raw talent in that building. IMO (which is worth exactly .000000002 cents), there is more talent in that building than any other in rc. When AE doesn’t put out a new leader/world crusher (like lets say- a fully licensed 1/8 crawler with insane detailing), I once again freak out. But, like I said, I need to get over it, and accept the current state of the industry. Yes, I am a whiny little girl when it comes to seeing AE not a mile in front of the pack.

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