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ASK Cubby – The Covid Rages On As The Questions Pour In

“Save Me

The last truck I picked up didn’t come with a servo saver. Does the truck really need one Cubby?

Ramone H.”

Cubby- Yo yo yo Ramone, thanks for writing in. A snail mail for a sticker pack, per the norm my friend.

Does your truck “need” a servo saver? IMO, it depends. Most rock crawlers don’t use a servo saver. In rock crawling, you want max power and precision to make it to the front wheels, and the driving environment when crawling isn’t as hard on a servo as hardcore bashing. Therefore, if the last truck you picked up was a crawler, I would say no, it doesn’t “have” to have a servo saver.

If the truck in question is a bash rig, a servo saver should be consider an absolute necessity. When hardcore bashing, the steering servo takes an enormous amount of abuse. A good servo saver (or one that is maintained and set properly) will save you a lot of money on servos over the long haul.

Many of today’s modern metal gear servos are incredibly durable. However, even the best of the best were never designed to handle the insane g-forces generated when slamming into a curb when nearing triple digits, landing a huge jump to pavement, casing a big jump to cement (skate park anyone?), etc. A good servo saver (or a properly set saver), along with having the servo mounted properly, can help your servo live the longest life possible.

“Sold Out On-Line

Why is everything sold out? I just got my Covid cash and nothing I want is in stock!!!!!!

Unhappy Pappy”

Cubby- Hola there Pappy, thanks for taking the time to shoot me an email. A BSRC sticker kit is waiting for you upon a snail address.

Sold out? Hey, you look at it as a terrible thing (as a consumer), but I look at it as a great thing (from the industry side)! During this pandemic, I am stoked when I see “sold out” on various rc websites. On the other hand, I am super bummed when I get emails from local hobby shop owners who are still forced to sit on their hands with their doors closed.

I hear ya Pappy, Covid-19 has done a number on the supply chain. Not only are many retailers completely closed (with stores filled with inventory), but shipping is more sketchy, and OEMs have been shutting down at various times.

Hey, we all knew this Covid pandemic was gonna wreak havoc on supply chains. No matter if its food, toilet paper, or a new Traxxas or ARRMA, Covid has brought up all sorts of supply issues. The bright side? More shops are being allowed to re-open every day, and the manufacturers are working Overtime to get more product on the shelves. So hang tight, there is a lot of product on the way!

Have a crazy question? Need an answer that is a complete, utter, waste of your time? Have a burning rant that you just have to get off your chest? Email me- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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