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“Tire Explosion

After searching around on Craigslist, I ended up buying a used Traxxas E-Revo and it has more power than I could ever imagine. Can you believe this, on the very first run I blew two of the tires off! How do you guys keep your tires on? What is the best tire glue to use?

Love your website and read it every day!!!

Jack B.”

Cubby- Hey ya Jack, thanks for the email and congrats, it is “Letter of the Month”. That means we’ll hook you up with one of our uber t-shirts if you send me your shirt size and mailing address.

Ya know… “back in the day” keeping tires on the rim was hard enough, but since the brushless/LiPo revolution, it is wayyyy harder. The raw torque and massive rpm of brushless/LiPo systems create forces that are indeed hard to deal with, or even comprehend.

About your tire glue question… when I am gluing up tires I use THIS glue from Pro-Line. I have found it works the best for me and the method I use for gluing up tires. While there are a zillion “tips” to mounting tires, now days I lightly rough up the bead of the tire and the wheel with a sanding wheel, then clean with baby wipes, then rinse with water and let dry completely. Then I start gluing. Then I let them sit with P-L tire bands on them. Remember a little goes a long ways with glue and 24 hours is the preferred time to let them dry.

But… even if you go the extra mile by using the best glue after tons of tire prep, the raw horsepower of brushless motors can still throw/rip/destroy tires. There is really only one cure- belted tires. There aren’t many on the market, and even less are for off-road applications, but belted tires tend to stay on and not rip themselves to pieces. For your Traxxas E-Revo you can check on the belted monster truck tires from Sweep Racing. Right Here is a link to their website which has both on and off-road belted monster truck tires that can take some insane power.

“Why no videos

Over my 6 years in the hobby. I’ve watched the Squids take a big step backwards. Once picked on magazines but now have become a digital version. Just pictures and stories. Where is the VIDEO? Nobody own a camera phone? When was last public demo? Sure you had the event at the track Joliet, any public area. Parents and kids just stopping by local hobby store happen to see a RC demo? Big Air event, again where’s the video?

Bill K.”

Cubby- Exactly! I totally agree with ya Big Bad Bill, we totally need more video.

So here’s the scoop. It’s not that we lack for video, we have hours of it recorded, heck, probably years worth of it. The issue is that we have problems keeping someone around to edit all the footage. Without someone to cut it up and put it back together, the video ends up not being used. Which isn’t good for us, or for you.

So as an open casting call, if you are sitting around in front of computer and like these two things- 1. editing video and 2. making money, you should really shoot us an email, we could use you.

Oh and… the part of your letter comparing us to a “digital version” of a magazine, that is a low blow. LOL Normally I would rip ya a new one, but I am far too busy hanging with the makers and shakers at SEMA, so you have a free pass. This time only. 🙂

Thanks for the letter, go fast and take it home in a bucket my friend.

So there ya have it, yet another edition of ASK Cubby is in the books. Have a question? Can’t contain a rant? Just like mashing your keys for the fun of it? Send me an email- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. If your letter makes the big time you’ll win a free BigSquidRC sticker pack, or if you are super lucky, you can win a free BSRC t-shirt by having your email named “Letter of the Month”. Until next week, crash hard, wrench fast, rinse and repeat.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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