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“FPV Question

Hi Cubby, my name is Jason and I drive FPV constantly. For years you have said that FPV is the next big thing in rc and I totally agree with you as I love the added dimension of realism. My question is why has it not taken off yet?

Jason H.”

Cubby- Ya know Jason, that really is a great question. Thanks for writing in, and don’t forget to send me that snail mail of yours for a sticker pack.

So, after a bit of deep thinking (and a couple of emails to industry insiders), I am gonna go with the answer of “The public just isn’t quite ready yet.”. It can take years for new technology to “catch on”, and with rc types being wired the way they are (they H A T E change), it will be several more years before, lets say, FPV starts taking over for traditional driving.

There have been a few models that have added FPV over the last few years, but there is not one that brought FPV to the plate in a manner that could get the long time hobbyists interested.

However… certainly look for at least a couple new FPV models to be released this year. I have not heard of one being announced at the Nuremburg Toy Fair yet, but it would not surprise me to see one, or more, at that show.

So for now Jason, you can join me, and a select few others, that are driving FPV on the reg. I am truly the King of exaggeration, but this is not – driving via FPV is a totally hobby changing experience, one that all you hardcore hobbyists out there should go out of your way to at least try.

“Mud Tires

Hey man, what’s the best mud tires for my Pro-MT?

Sean O.”

Cubby- Well howdy there Sean, thanks for writing in.

Sean, you didn’t specify if you had the 2 or 4wd version of the Pro-Line PRO-MT, but if you are doing serious mud runs, I hope you’ve got the ultra-gnarly PRO-MT 4×4. Although, that 2wd PRO-MT is no joke for a 2wd when the going gets muddy.

To get down to an answer- that depends on the mud. For example, I have no idea if we are talking about deep soupy mud, which would be paddle tire territory, or if you will be driving on sticky/heavy “normal” mud that you might find in your backyard after it rains.

If you are doing extreme mud runs in the deep soupy stuff, there is no better answer than Pro-Line’s Sand Paw. However, if you are driving in thick, sticky mud, I would go with Pro-Line’s Badlands MX28. The MX28 works pretty incredible just about everywhere for bashing, even mud. With tall knobbies and loads of spacing in-between (and they clear out easily), the MX28s do a fantastic job in “normal” mud conditions.

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