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“Collector Or Driver

Hey Cubby Are you a collector or a driver?

Everywhere I look in the online rc community people with massive collections, 50/100/500 rigs. This got me thinking of my few. Am I jealous or am I the only one that feels guilt if a rig is neglected for to long? Maybe it’s both but I drive all my rigs and I’m a sucker for upgrades. If I kept everything stock I could have four times as many rigs but I couldn’t keep track.

There’s my rant. So Cubby do you drive all your cars? Or is there a few that get forgotten about?

Allen T.”

Cubby- Yo MTV Raps Allen and thanks for writing in.

Unfortunately, my personal collection of rc vehicles is far from normal. When you work in the industry, you tend to get all sorts of stuff in the mail. “Hey Cubby, what do you think about this?”, “Try this out and tell us 3 things you don’t like about it.”, etc, etc, etc. So ya, my garage, plus about 2 other rooms, are filled with various cars/trucks/buggies/speedos/transmitters. And of course, with new stuff showing up every day, there isn’t a chance in heck that I am ever going to actually drive very many of those cars ever again.

However, like 20 some years ago before I got into the industry, I did have a normal rc life. During that part of my rc career, I couldn’t stand having more cars than I could actually drive and maintain on a weekly basis. For the most part I would always have one 2wd buggy for parts, one buggy for practice, and one to race with. Plus, perhaps a stadium truck and a 1/10 4wd buggy. If I wasn’t using it on a weekly basis, it was immediately sold.

I can clearly see where your email comes from though, it doesn’t take looking at FB for very long to see post after post of garages stuffed to the rafters with rc cars. Yes, a garage completely filled with rc cars is obviously good for sales, but when a hobbyist’s main motivation in buying a car is to take a pic of it for FB, that does not equal long term success. Long term success comes from a hobbyist who buys a car to wear it out by driving it and to mod it out for optimal performance. No, I am not gonna knock the guys with a garage filled with monster trucks, but I simply wish they were more stoked to drive those trucks than to post pics of them on social media.

“Scaler shootout!

Guys would it be possible to do a giant scaler shootout with all the major manufacturers representing? Perhaps wait until the new traxxas, hpi, and redcat models are released and then line them all up, run them over the same course, and let us know what your opinions are, your audience would love this! Box stock or even better put the same electronics and tires on all of them (probably not a realistic option though i guess).

Thanks and keep up the good work otherwise!


Cubby- Hey ~Quinn, have you somehow gained access to our internal memo system? Because… we have been ready to pull the trigger on a no-holds-barred RTR crawler/scaler shootout for quite some time. Nope, we haven’t done one yet, but that has mostly been because of the delayed release of the HPI Venture. Our crawler shootout is definitely going to be our biggest, gnarliest ever, but we are waiting on a couple of key releases before we can start on it.

The Vaterra Ascender, an RC4WD TF2, the Traxxas TRX-4, Axial SCX10 II, HPI Venture, and Redcat Everest Gen-7 are all slated to have a spot in the shootout. And while testing with aftermarket electronics would be awesome, we will be keeping our shootout bone stock. The Traxxas and Redcat aren’t that far out from hitting hobby shops, so hopefully the HPI Venture is released sooner rather than later so we can get this show on the road. And yes, we are gonna need some extra servers the day that shootout goes live, which of course is an awesome thing.

So there it is, another ASK Cubby is done and over. Ya know, you can get your name in the bright lights too, but you gotta send in an email. thecubreportrc at gmail dot com is my addy. Letters that make our front page will win you a BSRC sticker pack and our ultra-lucky letter of the month winner takes home one of our ridiculously comfortable t-shirts.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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