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ASK Cubby, Version- An Intimate Q & A Session Just Between Us

“Needing direction/recommendation
So Cubby,
The situ here in charleston S.C. is I’m def. A noobi, but had to make the Durango-Dex8t purchase as I’ve been wanting a kit to progress my learning etc.,, but in saying that I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to picking out motor/esc & servo, I’d really really appreciate your expertise knowing you like the Dex8t yourself figured maybe you could share your knowledge .

I’m mainly a basher see it recommends 4s but optional 6s might be an idea, currently two 2sTrinity ReVtech 7.4/7150mah 100c’s I’d love to utilize. Also if not lol asking too much do you have a gear recommendation to go with the rest.

Thanks Cubby for any recommendation and for your dedication to Rc-World & The Best RC Site out there !!

P.s my local hobby shop-I think is more clueless then myself =big bummer!
David S.”

Cubby- Hey ya David, thanks for reading the site and the kind words.

So… you have an uber new Team Durango DEX8T and are looking for electronics and gearing suggestions. It sounds like you already have the batteries covered, just wire your 2S packs in series and you’ll have plenty of juice.

If you have the means, for a servo I’m going to recommend a Futaba S9353HV. It simply is not cheap at nearly $230, but in my personal opinion, it is the best overall servo I’ve ever used, bar none. The Futaba is the smoothest I’ve ever used, with nuclear speed and more than enough power to get the job done in nearly any application. Other than price, it has no downsides.

For a brushless system, I would go with a Castle Monster 2/1515 2200kV Combo. The Castle has a few things going for it- it is waterproof, it is 6S capable, it tends to stay cooler than most other units on the market, but mainly it puts out a metric crap-load of raw power, something a true basher can never get enough of.

For a pinion… I can’t give you a good recommendation as I have never driven the DEX8T. Yup, I’ve got plenty of time in with the DEX8 buggy, but zero with the truggy version. Based on that, I would go with the best general advice that I could give anyone about gearing- start with the smallest pinion that you have, drive for a minute, then check the motor temp. Keep gearing up until the motor hits 160 or until it is faster than you want to go (which I find unlikely).

Btw, before I go, did you know you can do this with your new Durango box? Pretty trick eh?

“Turnigy esc setup

Can You Help!!!!!! Bought a turnigy esc/motor combo from hobbyking trying to save a few bucks. No manual included. Pulling hair out. Please help me.


Robert M”

Cubby- Hey ya Robert. Normally I would accost you for going cheap and buying from Hobby King, but I’m in an especially good mood today, so I will refrain. That, and I understand that many hobbyist do have a tight budget to stay on.

So… you saved a few bucks and they didn’t include a manual, LOL. It would seem to me that a manual might be important for a complicated piece of electronics like a speedo. Heck, a typical user might want to calibrate the esc to their radio gear, or even get crazy enough to want to change some settings like LiPO cut-off or motor timing.

Anyways, what I am going to recommend to you is this- just start mashing buttons. If you are “lottery lucky”, it might just program itself. If not, I am going to recommend that you smash it with a hammer. The hammer part should actually be quite satisfying if you are a real man, and real men learn from their mistakes, so you might want to consider a different brand of speedo before you cut the check next time.

Peace and love, peace and love.

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