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ASK Cubby, Version- Another Week, Another Two Questions

“New losi

Hi cubby, what’s up? I need to make ask cubby with this one so I can get some stickers for my truck. Here is my question, which one would you buy, the new losi ten-scbe or the ten-mt? I like them both but which one best?

Charles N.”

Cubby- Yo Charley, there ya go bud, now you’ve made the big time so you can get one of our uber sticker packs. Simply send me your snail mail for the hook-up.

As always, I love these “which is better” questions. Unfortunately for this one, I haven’t driven either. I got to see the Losi TEN-SCBE last weekend at Drones On The Horizon in Orlando, but without actually taking them for a spin I can’t give you a solid first hand “You should buy this one over that one” answer.

However… I have a googolplex amount of hours on the TEN-SCTE. The latest version is a platform that can win the ROAR nats, all the while being a great handling and extremely tough bash truck. The new TEN-SCBE and TEN-MT both use the same base platform, which should make both of them great handling trucks. The MT version comes with larger tires, helping it to get over rough ground better and should make it easier to back/frontflip, while the SCBE has a much more scale appearance.

So no, I can’t say either is any good at the moment, but based on all the time I’ve gotten in with the SCTE, they both are most likely going to be rock solid bash machines.

“Arrma Senton or Fury?


Before I buy a new short course rig, what is your opinion on the Arrma Senton and the Fury? Is the Senton worth the extra money over the Fury? This will be my first truck, will the Fury be enough truck for me?

Brad S.”

Cubby- Yo to the yo Bradley, thanks for the email and as always, shoot us your snail mail for a sticker pack.

And here we go, yet another “Which is better” question, and this is one of about 50 I get a week…

So here ya go…

IMO… the better starter vehicle is the ARRMA Fury. It is a lighter on the wallet in case you decide a week in that this hobby isn’t for you, and in its most affordable form, comes with an easy to drive brushed power system. When you first learn to drive you are going to crash, and crash hard, a lot of times. Slamming into a curb at 20 with a brushed Fury is cheaper and less time consuming to repair than slamming one at 50 with a Senton.

Also… once you have mastered the Fury (which will take a couple of months), then cut the check for the Senton. With its 4wd and brushless power system, you’ll truly appreciate just how much faster, and more capable, it is. If you just jump in and buy one of the fastest trucks on the market like the Senton, you simply won’t get the satisfaction that goes along with making a progression to one of the higher-end products.

But that’s just me… feel free to cut the check on whatever floats your boat.

Hey now, we’ve reached the end of another ASK Cubby. You know how this works, shoot me an email- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. If I use your letter in ASK Cubby, you’ll win a BSRC stick pack. If I proclaim it as “Letter of the Month”, we’ll hook ya up with a BSRC t-shirt.

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