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“Best Connector


Hi Cubby, long time reader and big fan. I just bought my first rc car, a Stampede VXL monster truck. After doing hours of research on the internet, which battery connector would you recommend that I use? There are so many different types and everybody says their’s is the best. It all seems so confusing to me.



Cubby- Yo hey now Trevor, thanks for reading.

And yes, battery connectors are an age old question in our hobby. Back in the day, things were really easy. You chopped off the stock Tamiya connector and soldered up a Deans, then poof, you were dialed.

Today there are dozens of different types of connectors, some of which work really well, some really blow, and some are way overkill. Here are a few tips that I can think of off the top of my head to help out a noobie…

* Pick a connector and stick with it. Connectors are not cheap, or at least, not when you become a hardcore hobbyist and have a couple dozen trucks in your garage (along with dozens of battery packs). About a year ago I made the switch to a different style connector and I would say I spent at least $200 doing so. Pick wisely to start and save yourself some cash.

* When picking a connector, pick one that is reusable. Some of the newer styles are one and done. Once again, that can get expensive when you get deeper into the hobby.

* Become a real hobbyist and learn how to solder. I see a ton of bashers with adapters out the wazoo. They are “scared” of learning how to solder, therefore they use an adapter on every car and battery pack. Adapters introduce a lot of resistance into the power chain, resulting in less power, less runtime, and more hassles down the road.

* Some connectors are much easier to solder than others. If you suck at soldering, go with a brand that is easy to install.

* Use a connector that is readily available at local hobby shops. Pretty much every hobby shop stocks Deans and Traxxas.

* Many connectors are coming in different sizes now days, go with the larger size and stick with it. Having a connector that is slightly too big for the application doesn’t have much of a downside, but going too small can become a safety issue.

* There is only one use for Tamiya plugs- bone stock brushed RTR cars. Anything other than that, ditch them for something beefier.

Now, to get to your specific question…

Your Pede VXL comes stock with Traxxas plugs. Traxxas plugs work well and I would not replace them. They are easy to solder, they are reusable, and they can pass a lot of current. IMO they only have one downside, they wear out a bit more quickly than some of the other brands.

There are a couple of other options that I am currently recommending…

I still consider Deans a great option for 10th scale or smaller applications. They are also fairly easy to solder and are reusable. They last for a long time, but their big downside in my eyes is that they just aren’t quite big enough for 8th scale or larger trucks.

Castle 6.5s are what I currently use. They are designed for serious applications and do a great job of passing current. While not in all hobby shops, they are fairly easy to find. Their biggest downside is they are somewhat harder to solder up than other brands.

“Losi LST XXL2-E

Hi Cubby. What is your opinion of the Losi LST XXL2-E? How do you think it compares overall to the E Revo Brushless 1/10? Thanks.


Cubby- Well hello there Kent, thanks for taking the time to send in an email. Shoot us another one with your snail mail so we can send you a sticker pack.

And no, I can’t personally comment on the Losi LST XXL2-E. I saw the press release, I saw Juan Pablo driving one at the Drones on the Horizon event, and I have seen a couple in hobby shops, but we have not driven or reviewed one. However, we do know a whole lot about the Traxxas E-Revo.

The E-Revo is a legend, straight up. And while the platform has been around for a long time now, it has proven itself over and over again to be one of the best bashing trucks ever made. It isn’t without its downsides, but overall the E-Revo is a beast. It has the crazy speed that most bashers crave and there are a zillion aftermarket parts for it should you want to beef or bling it up.

It’s a WRAP, another edition of ASK Cubby is in the books. Have a noobie question? Have a rant that you just gotta get off your chest? Don’t know what car to buy? Have a great local hobby shop that you want to brag about? Shoot me an email, thecubreportrc at gmail dot com is the email address that you want to use. Until next week, go fast, spin tires, you aren’t done till it’s busted.

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