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“ECX Torment 4WD Vs Carisma M40DT Brushless Combo

Hi guys,

I’m from Portugal, new to the hobby, and I’m about to pull the trigger on one of these trucks after much reading.

I know that the Traxxas Slash 4WD is a superior product, and with a big margin for up grades, but retails for 499. I can get the Carisma Combo for 250‚ and the ECX Torment for 310. I want to buy a Ultimate Pro 8 charger and a 2S 7.4V 5000mAh extra battery too.

The Carisma is smaller than the ECX, and in the Carisma review you guy say that the Carisma bounced a little bit, maybe due the smaller dimensions. The ECX is wider, longer and heavier, maybe more stable. Is it worth the extra money to get, and the extra money to up grade (Brushless)? I’ll give it a “normal” use, no hard runs, i just want to have fun with my son.

In your experience, and you guys did demo the two units, what would be the best buy? If was your money what would you buy?

I would like very much your insight…

Have a nice day!
All the best

Giovanni C.”

Cubby- Giovanni is such a cool name, unfortunately it is rarely used here in ‘Merica. Heck I like it so much that if I have another boy I will name him after you. No, I’m not kidding (but the chances of me having another child is veryyyy small). Oh and… congrats on making our front page. For your free sticker pack shoot me another email with your snail mail included.

If it was my money, would I buy the ECX Torment 4wd or the Carisma M40DT? Well… the Carisma has more raw yank than the brushed Torment 4wd, but its form factor is quite a bit smaller. However, it is a tough beast and if you are just driving it in relatively smooth areas where its size won’t detract from it, I would go with the Carisma. But… if you plan on bashing in rough areas, like areas with big loamy dirt or rocks, I would cut the check on the Torment. Its larger size will help it get over/through rough areas better than the Carisma.

There ya have it, and there ya are, stay classy over in Portugal.

“Subject: Monster Jam Body

So we keep getting told by a local shop that the only trucks that’ll work for the grave digger bodies are the Stampedes. Any way we can try to fit it on other trucks like the Yeti or Kraton that seem to be more sturdy from your reviews?

Jack C.”

Cubby- Hey ya Jack, I know one other truck that the Traxxas Grave Digger body should work on that have been extremely well reviewed (truck of the year even), the Pro-Line PRO-MT. With an extended rear body mount it should be dialed.

As far as the Axial Yeti and the ARRMA Kraton go, sure you “can” put a Grave Digger body on them, but would it really look appropriate? Hey, the look you like is totally up to you so I won’t knock it, much the same way I don’t knock how Iron Mike prefers the look of a $20 Timex over an Hublot Big Bang. So yes, there are enough different body mounting options out there that you could certainly make a Grave Digger fit pretty much any vehicle, just be prepared to spend a few bucks and wrench a couple of hours.

And yes, that’s it for this week’s ASK Cubby. Shoot your question to Cubby at to see if one of the interns will actually forward it to me.

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