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“RC car for my son

Hi there,

I’m a Mom who knows very little about Rc cars/trucks who has a son that would like one for Christmas. He is 15 and already has an HPI savage flux which he loves but is constantly repairing. He doesn’t seem to mind and I like that he’s learning to repair things but I would like to get him another one for Christmas…maybe not be as fast but something that can take a beating. What would you recommend if I want to stay electric and need to stay under $200?

Thank you,

Cubby- Yo hey now Sharon, and you came to the right place for the scoop on rc products.

So… your son has a Savage Flux, but you want to get him something affordable that rarely breaks. In that category I am right now recommending the ECX AMP Desert Buggy. Why would I specifically recommend it? Because… I drive one nearly every day, and we flog it like an old rug all the time with virtually no breakage. Nope, it isn’t “fast” out of the box, but it does have enough speed to have fun. Its reduced speed and well engineered design allows it to be smashed and crashed like Stevie Wonder is driving it, while rarely needing repairs. Oh ya, it doesn’t put much of a dent in the wallet either, at just $129.

If you think your son would rather have a “monster truck” style vehicle, I would highly recommend cutting the check on the Mega Series ARRMA Granite. It is also affordable at just 179 clams, it drives extremely well, and is also known for its durability.

Have fun, go fast, crash hard.


Hey Cubby did you see the guy on Facebook that was calling out your Redcat MT8E review? He said you were full of crap because he tested one and it only did 30, where you said it did 44. What kind of idiot calls you out?

John W.
Spokane Washington”

Cubby- Well hello there John from Spokane, thanks for the email.

Ya know… I don’t read Facebook. I don’t have an FB account and generally loathe it as a website. For a site that was supposed to be all about “not having any ads”, they sure have a lot of advertisements. They make a whole lot of money by tricking Average Joe Blow into providing them with lots of free quality content and by selling a lot of questionable ads to companies.

But to digress… what kind of idiot calls me (read the BSRC Bash Crew) out? After talking with our Facebook guy, it sounds like some guy with a small website overseas thought he knew it all and would call us liars on our RedCat review. Very, very bad call on that guy’s part. We have multiple people on staff and that’s all they do for us, just review products, and they are very precise and professional about it. Nobody here at BSRC takes reviews lightly, we simply can’t, our “street cred” depends on reliable reviews. If we lose our street cred, we lose all our readers, and if that happens, our website isn’t worth doing.

Btw… one of the reasons we are so anal about doing quality reviews is an experience that I’ve talked about before, where I watched one of the dinosaur media companies do an entire truck “review” in less than 5 minutes out in a parking lot of an event I was at. I was shocked, I had always assumed that someone as “prestigious” as a magazine would go to uber lengths to provide proper testing, but I can honestly say I was naive, I ended up a bit crushed after what I saw that day.

Anyways, to get back on point, we ended up posting some videos on G+ and FB of our review RedCat TR-MT8E to show proof that yes indeed, the truck had a lot of power and was more than capable of doing 44 mph. I don’t know what that poor joker was doing calling us out, it was just too easy to make him look like an incompetent baboon (and to totally obliterate HIS street cred). Now his readers have to wonder what he did wrong, why he didn’t correct it, and wonder how many other reviews he screwed up.

So there ya have it ya maniacs, shoot me an email thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. If your letter hits the big time you’ll get a free BSRC sticker pack, if I proclaim it “Letter of the Month” we’ll even hook you up with a free BSRC t-shirt.

Your Cub Reporter

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