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ASK Cubby, Version- More Honest Questions with Sketchy Answers

“Regarding RC4WD


It’s nice to hear you are, at last, going to get your RC4WD project [and have another sponsor]. I’m a bit envious because their stuff certainly is eye candy. You might pass along to them that they annoy their customers and lose a lot of business because they are always “Out of Stock”. I owned a business and understand their stresses, but if they want long term success at selling things, they need to have things to sell.


Cubby- Hey, props to you Jon, yours is my “Letter of the Month”. Shoot me your snail mail (and shirt size!) so we can get you the hook-up on one of our fancy dancy t-shirts.

And hey, about RC4WD, we are pretty stoked to be able to help grow the hobby with them. They are a LOT different than most rc companies and I think their huge variety of high-end product clearly shows that. I most certainly can’t speak for them, but I do know it can’t be easy to keep that wide of a range of product (much of it intended for niche genres) in stock all the time. However, they have been doing a lot of things right and being sold out is a GREAT problem to have, a problem that a whole lot of other rc companies would LOVE to have. RC4WD is growing a whole lot right now, give them some time and I’m betting they get their inventory issues sorted out. In the mean time I’m hoping they ship me one of their new 1/18th scale RTRs so I can help keep them out of stock. 🙂

“Trucks for Review

You guys make awesome reviews!
So, I would very much like to see you make a Savage Flux vs. X-Maxx review.
I have both the Savage Flux and Octane. Should I replace the Flux with the X-Maxx, or not?
The Octane will probably go anyway, partly since HPI is discontinuing it (no wonder…)
Keep up the good work! 🙂

Cubby- Yo hey Thomas, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

Just a heads up, the Savage Octane isn’t exactly being “disco’ed” as it is being replaced by a new updated version. The Savage XL Octane V2 (part number #116386) has received a number of updates to help it run more consistently and to be a more solid truck overall.

So… you wanna see a Savage Flux vs Traxxas X-Maxx shootout and you are wondering if you should replace your Flux with the X-maxx. So this is how I see it…

The Flux is way, wayyyyyyy faster. The X-Maxx has what I would call “decent” power, but it just isn’t in the same insane league for pure rip as the Flux. Now, there are a bunch of aftermarket companies working on fixing that right now, but all the power upgrades for the X-Maxx are going to be fairly pricey. If you love having huge power, keep your Flux.

There is one good reason to get an X-Maxx though… if you drive in really rough terrain, lets say with lots of big dirt clods, tall grass, or tree branches, then you’ll appreciate the larger size of the X-Maxx. Its larger size simply opens up a lot of bashing areas that can’t be used by smaller machines. However, if where you drive right now isn’t all that rough, there really isn’t much to be gained by going to the X-Maxx, well, other than crushing smaller trucks that are running with you.

Thanks for the props Thomas and keep in touch.

Holy smokes, there ya have it, yet another edition of ASK Cubby is in the books. Ya sure, if you truly feel the need you can shoot me an email, thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. As always, if your email hits the big time you’ll win a free sticker pack, or if yours is “Letter of the Month” we’ll even hook ya up with a free t-shirt.

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