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“4×4 SCT Shoot Out

I am curious as to why the Vaterra ford raptor was not included? Where would you rank that vehicle in comparison to the others? Where is its “place” If you will.

Thank you for your time. Absolutely love the website, you guys are awesome.


Cubby- Yo hey Shelby, I have some good news for you. Yes indeed, your’s is “Letter of the Month”!!! Shoot us an email with a shirt size and mailing address to claim your winnings.

About our 4WD SCT Shootout… wow, that was a long time ago. Maybe so long ago that the Vaterra Raptor wasn’t even out (it may have been, but I am too lazy to look that up). Any which way, you want to know how/where the Vaterra Raptor fits in with other 4WD SCTs on the market, this is how I see it…

The 4WD SCT class is one of the toughest in the entire industry. The Slash 4X4 is an epic basher, just like the Losi SCTE, making it REALLY difficult to climb to the top of that heap. While we never did a full review on the Vaterra Raptor, I have driven one extensively, and have logged a TON of miles with the Halix that it is based on. IMO the Raptor is a solid truck that handles quite well. The stock powerplant is capable of serious power, and while some people don’t, I like how it looks. It does have a couple of weak links out of the box that some of the other trucks in its class do not have, but overall I always had a great time driving one. And of course, without doing a true shootout it is impossible to say exactly where it stacks up, but from the time I’ve gotten in with one I would have to say it would edge out most of the trucks in its class for handling and be right there for raw power.

“Any chance of the DS10 returning?


With the recent release of the throwback RC10 WC edition, do you think Team Associated will re-release a Dual Sport (DS10) kit?


Carl M.”

Cubby- Oh thank you so much Carl, it has been a long time since I’ve thought about the Team Associated RC10DS. For all you noobs out there, the RC10DS was Associated’s “dual sport” car kit and was based off the original RC10 buggy. To boil it down, back in its day, it was a great car to go bashing around the cul-de-sac with.

So to get to your question… do I think AE will re-release it? Nope. It’s obvious that you are a fan and would like to hear yes, and it’s also obvious that because most of the parts were off an original tub RC10 that it should be easy to put out again, but I don’t see it happening. Even back during its heyday it wasn’t all that popular and isn’t nearly as sought after as many of Associated’s other designs. Let’s face it, all these retro releases are a quick and dirty money grab and I just don’t see enough people out there dying to get their hands on one. Was it a kick ass car? I had one and loved it, but on-road is D E A D here in America and there are simply too many other cars ahead of it on the popularity list to be re-released first.

However! I am typically wrong, so you just might be in luck! Peace and love, peace and love…

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