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ASK Cubby, Version- More Of My Weak Responses To Your Letters

“First World Problems

Hey Cubby,

Anonymous Beaver here I’ve been back into the hobby for about four years now and as it goes my collection has grown and grown. It’s now starting to take up room in a few various spots in and around my house and garage. My question is how do you and the squid crew store your rigs? Any clever ideas to save space? I’m cheap and lazy but like things clean and organized, the idea of hanging my stuff on the wall to clear up flat bench space is one of my ideas.

Holla back:

Cubby- Yo hey Beav, thanks for the email. I know you are “anonymous”, but if you would like a sticker pack shoot me the snail mail of the house next to yours so you can then easily swipe them after they arrive.

Ya know, back in the day things went like this…

1. You bought a car
2. You drove the car
3. You broke the car
4. You fixed the car
5. You installed upgrades so it wouldn’t break again
6. You kept driving that car until a new one was released 5 years later

Now days it goes something like this…

1. You buy a car
2. You break the car
3. You throw the car in the trash/closet/shelf
4. You buy a new car

Car prices are so cheap, and some consumers are so lazy, that the whole cycle of life has changed. Oh and, there just aren’t as many hop-up parts as there used to be. Hop-ups are such a great high mark-up way of making money, yet it seems like some manufacturers have given up on them, instead pushing consumers to simply buy complete new cars. Sigh… so I must digress…

Yes, we are just like you and most of the rest of the bashing world, our (the BSRC Bash Crew) garages are littered with wayyyy too many cars. I lost track long ago, but I probably have 70+ around my house, and while that would have sounded insane 10 year ago, when I hit other people’s houses I see that my collection isn’t much more than theirs. And… I have been to a couple of people’s places that make my collection seem pitiful.

Anywhos… I store all my cars in their original boxes, each with a large plastic bag dedicated to the spare or leftover parts for that specific car. That takes up an insane amount of room, but that’s just how I do (and I am lucky enough to have a ridiculously large house).

I have placed a couple of pictures below of how our pro driver guy keeps some of his cars in his garage, basically by making stands from 3/4″ particleboard and 2 x 4s. Other members of our bash crew use pvc pipe to make stands, while others use dedicated garage hooks and shelves that would normally be used for lawn tools/equipment.

Yes, you are lucky to have the problem of how to store all your rc cars and I think that with more hobbyists also amassing too many cars, that an aftermarket company could make some decent cash be selling dedicated car storage stands.

Peace and love my friend…

“The fun class

Hi Cubby,

I read your report last week about tracks providing a fun class that use ready to run cars and trucks. I like the concept and would like to start hosting it at my track, but I have a question. You didn’t specify anything about batteries. Would that class only be allowed to run the battery that came with the car, or could participants use a Lipo instead?

Love reading your column every week,


Cubby- Hey now Mick, I hope you, Keith, Charlie, and Ronnie are all doing well (Read – a Rolling Stone joke).

About my idea for the “Fun Class”, I intentionally left out any battery specifications. Why? Because the “Fun Class” doesn’t need a whole lot of rules, in fact, the less the better. Therefore, yes, you can run the stock POS 1500 NiMH that came with the truck. And yes, you can run a 8000mAh 2 LiPo, and YES, you can run a 6S 10,000 if you want.

It’s not that I didn’t think about that aspect, but from my experience in the real world, I have run a 3S pack in most brushed RTRs, so I know it just isn’t an advantage over a 2S. Some stock electronics let out the magic (and expensive!) smoke on higher cell counts, while others simply overheat or don’t run at all. Therefore, when Joe Blow shows up with his 1500 NiMH, he finds out that he is getting pulled a couple lengths on the back straight and walks into his hobby shop to pick up a 2S LiPo. That LiPo will get him competitive for speed in the “Fun Class” and provide him with more fun when he goes out bashing.

So there ya have it Mickey, don’t forget to say hello to Donald, Minnie, and Goofy for me (Read- a Disney joke).

Wow, that’s it for yet another ASK Cubby. Got a problem? Need an answer? Have something on your chest that you must get off? My email box is always open, thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. Making our front page will win you a BSRC sticker pack, while being declared “Letter of the Month” gets you the hook up on a BSRC t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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