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ASK Cubby, Version- More Of Your Letters, More Of My Dancing

“Which SC Truck To Buy

Hi cubby, was just wondering which 4wd short course truck i should buy. I have about a $550.00 canadian budget. I mainly want it for basic bashing but also want to race it eventually. I am also fairly new to RC and have a 1/18 scale, but i want something bigger and with more speed. What would you suggest?

Jesse P.”

Cubby- Hey ya Jesse, thanks for the email and be sure to send me your snail mail so we can get you out a BigSquidRC sticker pack.

It sounds like you’ve already gotten your feet wet by driving an 1/18th scaler, so you should be more than ready for something larger/more powerful. While this truck might be a bit out of the budget you’ve specified, there is one 4wd SCT that really stands out to me for being a great combination of bashing and racing, the Losi SCTE. I got in a ton of trigger time with the latest version, the TLD Edition RTR and it is top notch. It handles as good (or better) than anything else on the market, its stock powerplant puts out crazy power on 3S, and it is as durable as they come. Therefore that is my first hand recommendation to you.

Keep in touch Jesse and let me know what you end up cutting the check for.

“My Question

I’ve had three rc cars sitting in my garage for several years and want to get them going again. Any tips on what I’ll need?

Robert P.”

Cubby- Hey now Robert, thanks for the email.

You didn’t specify if your cars were electric or nitro, but here ya go…

If they are nitro- take them to the nearest dumpster and throw them away. I hate nitro, you should too.

If they are electric, they might very well be good to go with the exception of their batteries. Time kills batteries, so plan on replacing the AA cells in the transmitter and any packs you were using inside the cars. Also, check for any binding in the drive train. You might need to hit some bearings with oil. Tires can also rot over time, so take a couple minutes to inspect them as well. Otherwise, they might just fire right up and be ready to bash.

What are you waiting for, shoot me an email. My address is thecubreportrc at Next week I’ll be picking a letter of the month winner so get those emails in now. For you industry types, I’ve been having some great discussions so keep those coming in too.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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