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“Trophy Truck Discussion

You have a News/Blog entry online about the new bomb Axial has planted (the SCORE Trophy Truck). I don’t understand all those haters who talk about what they would do better (having their butts on the sofa), I’m just happy about what Axial does for the hobby, the hobbyists and us, the LHS’s.

Thanks for supporting the scene!

Dennis R.



Cubby- Hello Dennis from Germany, I am Jake from State Farm and I wear Khakis. Thanks for the letter and for reading BSRC. I find it amazing that our little website is as popular overseas as it is. It looks like you are dialed with your English, but I’m guessing a lot of our readers are doing a whole bunch of Google translate to see what we are up to every day.

About Axial, the current Golden Guys of rc, ya, they are crushing it. They are living the rc life, and the full scale off-road life as well. By keeping it real out in the field with the full scale crowd they are right on the tip of the latest trends and know what consumers are leaning towards. Yes indeed, they had a quiet ’15 as they spent a ton on the Yeti and Yeti XL in ’14, but in 2016 I think (hint, hint) you can expect some mighty big things from them.

About the new Axial Trophy Truck. Fortunately us industry types don’t listen to the poser/hater crowd, well, or at least those of us that have our acts together. Have no doubt the Trophy Truck is gonna sell faster than glow sticks at Tomorrowland and make their new owners very happy campers, regardless of what the haters say.


Who does the RC shootouts, there very exciting and great to get so much information comparisons. Im sure alot of us touring car racers would love to see an update touring car shootout seeing there are many new kits available now days. It would be awesome to see some onroad chassis manufacters like haboa, spec r, turnigy, sakura , etc…. in a shootout! Who can make this possible? Thanks!

Happy Connecting.


Cubby- Hey ya Klawley, while you didn’t specify where you are from, it sounds like you are yet another overseas reader (or publicly educated here in the States). Thanks for reading the site and for the props.

Unfortunately for you the TC market is flat out dead here in the states. I know who killed it, but I have no idea how it is going to be fixed. And until it gets fixed, chances are really, REALLY, slim that we’ll be doing a TC car shootout. Hey, I love touring cars too, but when nearly nobody is driving them, we have about 20 other shootouts that will take priority first.

However… a drift car shootout, now that I can get behind. I think I need to make some phone calls… 🙂

That’s it for this week ya lunatics, send me your rants, manifestos, and yes, even questions to thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. If you are lucky I will answer you back, if you are even luckier you’ll find your letter on our front page where you will win a free BSRC sticker pack. Carry on.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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