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“fun class

Hey Cubby,

We built our small onroad track around a fun class. We’re using stock Vaterra onroad V100 cars with a 2S battery and getting a very positive response from the community around here. It’s affordable, fun, and competitive and there are some very sick bodies available. We still run a 17.5 sedan class, 2wd buggy class, a mixed 14th/16th run what you brung class, and an 18th scale class for the younger folks. There is some interest in the 24th scale Losi modified stuff and those turn some fast lap times when you add brushless. I’m putting together a Tamiya 1/10th scale Mini Cooper while another one of my guys is working on the VW bug and seeing if we can generate any interest in that type of class.

Harry M.

Urban RC
Oklahoma Onroad RC Racing”

Cubby- Ya know, I have received an unprecedented amount of email about THE Cub Report that included the “Fun Class”. The letters just keep pouring in, so I am posting another one for the world to see.

So hey ya Harry, thanks for writing in. That is very cool what ya having kick’n at your track with the Vaterra/Fun Class. I hope others across the country (and world) see that it is indeed viable to have a class that isn’t for the racers, but one for average consumers that just bought their first car. However, I think the key to the class is keeping it going, to never drop it from the program. I would think that you’ll see the biggest dividends years down the road when it has time to become more well known among the more casual hobbyists in your area.

So props to you Harry, I would love to see some pics/vids of your Fun Class in action sometime. Heck, I dig it enough that I need to throw my Vaterra Cop Camaro in my car and head out to see/race it in person. Looks like you are in Jenks, Oklahoma (a burb of Tulsa)? Not a bad drive at all.

Peace & love…

“You’re probably too busy to read this.

Hey Cubby (or more likely Cubby’s unnamed minion who reads all his email),

Do you know what day it is today? It’s Friday!

And do you know what I haven’t seen today? TGIF links!

That’s right… it’s Friday, and I’m reading your site, (like I do almost every day), and once again a Friday is passing me by and I don’t see any TGIF links. Is the “news” that you guys publish supposed to be enough to keep me satisfied? Are you really so busy with talking to industry types, solving the world’s RC racing problems and ranting about meaningless stuff that you can’t be bothered to put up some TGIF links to add some spice into our Friday?

Perhaps you could teach Tim Mohr to post TGIF links… if you look at the front page of BSRC it seems he’s the only one doing any work anyhow!

And as long as I’m ranting, why don’t you go get some new pictures for your Ask Cubby posts? How many times have we seen this: ASK Cubby

Well that’s it for now, I feel better getting that off my chest… keep up the good work with the site!

Now how about you give Tim and the email minion a raise or at least a pat on the back and send me some stickers!


Cubby- Yo hey there TGIF Guy, welcome to the big time, and yes, we’ll give you the serious hook-up on a raging sticker pack.

Ya know, a lot of us have been missing the TGIF mystery links around here. Some were good, some were bad, but all were at least a decent risky click of the day and something different than the norm. I’ll have to crack the whip on T-Money to see if can whip some more up in the coming weeks. Truth be told though, on Fridays we try to get out of the office ASAP as it is one of our busier testing days and if Tim doesn’t have anything TGIF mystery link “worthy” already lined up, he just puts in the normal links to save time.

Now, about you crack’n on my ASK Cubby picture… ya, it has been around a long time and it never changes. I’ve been using some new pics here and there for THE Cub Report to help keep things fresh, but with there being 104 different Cub Reports and ASK Cubbys a year, I simply don’t have that many pics of me laying around. Or at least pics of me that you guys would enjoy. Any which way, I’ll see what I can do, maybe I’ll switch up the ASK Cubby once a year or something…

Lastly… T-Money and Iron Mikeee The Email Intern are actually both very well compensated, something that can’t be said for everyone in the rc media biz. If want good people to stick around you have to pay them well and Brian has done a solid job of that here.

Go fast, spin tires, crash hard, and have fun out there…

So there ya have it for yet another ASK Cubby. Have ya got a sketchy question on your mind? What about a raging rant that you must get off your chest? Wanna talk about your x-girlfriend that cheated on you with your best friend? (Ok, so maybe not that) My email is always open, thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. If your letter makes the big time you’ll get a free BSRC sticker pack, and I’ll be naming a “Letter of the Month” next week to see who wins a free BSRC t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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