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You can’t even sit out in the open air and smoke a cigar in 465 Seattle parks.
This San Diego anti-RC bull#$%^ is apparently real, too.
Totalitarianism. Look it up, it blooms a bit more every year.

Cubby- Yo hey Jon and congrats, I am proclaiming yours as “Letter of the Month”, shoot us your snail mail and shirt size so you can be style’n your local rc hangout with a new BSRC shirt.

And… I don’t need to “look up” totalitarianism. And… yes, I see it happening more and more each day and hate the fact that people don’t seem to give a damn that their government is sticking their hand into even the smallest aspects of everyday life. I hate even worse the fact that some people applaud when more freedoms disappear. You would think people would enjoy more freedom, not less.

However… I’m no spring chicken, and I get around. Last year I saw a 5th scale gas truck tag a baby carriage (with baby inside) at a city park. I’ve seen jerk-offs running multiple nitro buggies around a family trying to have a quiet picnic. I’ve seen guys out on the trail smoking grass and harassing hikers. In the last month I’ve seen a freak’n moron flying a huge quad inches over the heads of hundreds of people at a state park. Therefore I know full well why certain areas do not allow rc vehicles. While you and I might make sure we don’t bother other people while enjoying our hobby at a public park, not all rc’ers are that way.

It boils down to this my friend. Wanna light up that perfectly rolled Cuban? Wanna run that obscenely loud HPI Octane? Wanna do crazy stuff with your quad? If you want “freedom”, sometimes it just isn’t gonna happen on public property, you’ll have a better shot on your own private property. Maybe you don’t have the 20 acres it takes to do that, so you better start saving some cash to buy it. Unfortunately a handful of a$%hats is ruining our rc freedom on public/state/federal property, therefore guys like you and me have to ante up the big cash for enough acreage to enjoy the hobby the way we want to (or go old school and form a club to split the cost). Sad yes, but it is just the way it is becoming. God bless America.

“Lots of questions

I just bought a Arrma Senton. What a machine (insert Clint delivery from Firefox). It’s almost as exhilarating as my Ducati or KTM – WOW. There isn’t a clear body out yet and I’m wondering if you can let me/us know which ones should work (Ford Raptor would be my preference). Also looking for some wheel/tire advice for the first upgrade, imagining Pro-Line has something good.

Having a blast with the RCs, spending too much money but that seems to be the case with any hobby. My fleet is growing as is my tooling and driving skills. I’ve installed AVC in the Senton and in my kit Yeti – also reminds me of the Ducati traction control and makes me rethink my decision on getting a bike without ABS – the Spectrum DX4S is also dazzling me with its ability.

Also picked up two Losi micro SCTEs (the new ones with fast charge. Have had some issues with the servo, motor, battery, but otherwise really happy. Now with the DX4S should be even better – any thoughts on how to put AVC in those too?

Just went to Japan on vacation but only had room for a Kyosho MiniZ buggy in my luggage but already trying to return for more of that inspiring place. Tokyo is incredible. Any thoughts on what should I bring back next time that is specific to Japan and unavailable here? It’ll have to beat a Team Durango/Arrma level of durability and performance though. When will Axial come up with something as I gave my Exo to my nephew (but really miss driving it, working on it not so much).

Obviously still jet lagged,
Jason L.”

Cubby- Hello there Jason my long winded friend. Shoot us your snail mail for a BSRC sticker pack.

About the ARRMA Senton, yes, it’s a freak’n animal on 6S. About a body for it, we haven’t tried putting one on yet, but it uses a pretty standard SCT layout, chances are really good that a Pro-Line SCT body will pop right on. As far as tires go this is what I am recommending right now-> if you do both pavement and dirt driving, go for the P-L Trenchers, if you just do loose surface/dirt driving, cut the check on Badlands. Both will give a lot more traction than stock and help put down all that insane power.

Glad to hear you are liking AVC. We’ve been using it in a bunch of different vehicles and have a video coming soon of our AVC equipped 1/10th Traxxas Slash VXL. As far as putting it in your Micro SCTE, we did an article a few years ago about converting a Losi Micro over to 2.4GHz. The article should help you out on your quest, Click Here to check it out.

About something cool that is rc to buy while in Japan, I have no idea, I haven’t been there in a couple of years. Although I am quite envious, walking around the shops there is incredible entertainment.

About what’s next at Axial, ’15 is supposed to be a “quiet” year from them, although knowing those lunatics the way I do, I know they are up to something outrageously cool. I am just hoping it drops in time for the X-mas selling season instead of 2016.

That’s it, I am done, props to you for making it all the way to the end. Got something on your mind? Shoot me an email, Cubby at is the addy you want.

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