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ASK Cubby, Version- The Cat Drags in Questions, I Cough Up Hairballs

“Selling old buggy

Hey Cubby,

Seeing as how you know everything, what is the best way to sell off an old car so I can raise money for a new one?

Neil H.”

Cubby- Yes Neil you are correct with that one, I do indeed know everything. For instance, I can tell you exactly the best way to order a filet based solely on the smell of a steak house. I can tell you exactly how to set your nitro engine based solely on hearing it run. I can tell you exactly how to win the heart of a beautiful lady based solely on her perfume.

However… there is no single “best” way to get rid of your old car. You see, that reallyyyyy depends on where you live. Some areas have an active forum (or FB group) which would be the best way to get the most cash. In other areas your local Craigslist will be your best shot. Sometimes having a local hobby shop sell it for you is the best way, while in other areas the best way is to take it to the local track and show it off. Then there are the people that truly live in the middle of nowhere they still have to resort to eBay to get top dollar.

Personally I don’t sell old cars, nor do I let them wither away in my insanely clean garage. I take them along while bashing/hitting a track and give them away to a bystander. But hey, that’s just me.

“Tire Question for Cubby

Hi, how are you? You are killing me with your Cub Report, how much hate mail do you get a day?

While I have your ear, are closed cell foam inserts all they are cracked up to be? I know racers use them all the time, but do I need them if I only bash?

Nick S.”

Cubby- Yo hey Nick, so are you saying I’m funny? What do you mean, the way I write is funny? Like I’m funny like a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh? Like funny how, how am I funny? Tell me how I’m funny!

Ya, I had to throw in a touch of Goodfellas there, as I am so glad that I am “killing you” with the Cub Report. And honestly I don’t know how much “hate mail” I get a day because I simply don’t have the time to read my email now days (that’s what interns are for). But seriously, back in the early days the Cub Report was simply a way to get more hits and attention for BSRC, now days it’s really whatever I feel like babbling about. Sometimes it has some truly inside information, other times it is just whatever I can crank out. I’ve done what feels like a zillion of them, and I can’t flip out on ROAR and Traxxas every week.

Oh ya, you even have a question. You want to know if bashers should use closed cell foams. Here is how I see it->

Old school foams have one upside- they weigh less. They have a bunch of downsides like- they like to collect water, they sometimes come all lumpy and misshapen (making for a bumpy ride right out of the box), and they break down over time.

Closed cell foams kick ass, plain and simple. They are typically perfectly round out of the box, the don’t hold as much water, they last longer, and they are typically a bit firmer, which is preferable for bashing. Yes, they do weigh a bit more resulting in more rotating and unsprung mass. This affects handling and can make a power system work harder, but it can also make a truck easier to control in the air and to backflip.

There ya have it Nick, as the prison escapees in New York would say, “Have a nice day!”.

Yup, that’s it. While I don’t personally read my email, you can shoot a letter to me at Cubby at where one of my interns will most likely read then delete. Those letters that actually do make it in front of my eyeballs might actually hit the big time. If they do you’ll get a free sticker pack or maybe even get a free t-shirt.

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