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“Traxxas 10th scale e revo

So we all know that the traxxas e revolution is a pretty great bashing truck, but even though traxxas says it’s a 1 tenth scale car, its really a 1 eighth. Now don’t get me wrong the power of 6s is crazy, but having to charge 2 batteries to run the truck or buying an expensive 4s or 6s pack is not ideal. Do you think traxxas will ever to make a true 1 tenth scale car, but maybe with a castle system instead of velineon? It could be that they want the stampede to sell, but I think the e revo is a better platform.


Simon B.”

Cubby- Yooooo Simon, thanks for the email.

So… you really like the E-Revo platform, but wish it were a 1/10th scaler so all the running gear wouldn’t be so expensive. I have no idea what is kick’n over at Traxxas, in fact, they have always been known to keep what they are working on quite secretive.

However… IMO I would doubt we will ever see a 1/10th Revo. Why? Because their 1/10th Stampede 4×4 is a pretty solid basher. Yes, the Pede 4×4 could definitely be made better. It could have more uber suspension and better made parts overall, but at the end of the day it works pretty well. And because it is a “tenth” scaler, it is pretty fast on 3S. Although, if it came with a legit bl system like one of the Castle 1415 Max Pro systems, it could certainly be gnarlier, but IMO Traxxas puts the Velineon in the Pede just to keep the price lower.

Btw… I have also been a big fan of the Revo platform. It was quite futuristic when released, and still stands up well today. I have always liked its advanced suspension design for an rc car, even though it was set up too soft and too progressive out of the box.

Peace and love, peace and love…

” Losi Brushless LST XXL2-E Review?

Really enjoy the reviews that you guys put together. Will you be reviewing the Losi LST XXL2-E?

Am curious what your thoughts are. Have been out of the hobby for a really long time and am back in! Trying to decide on a 1/10 or 1/8 scale monster truck (sorry, I know you get a lot of these questions). There are seemingly so many options to choose from!

Any thoughts?


Cubby- Well hello there Will and welcome back to the hobby. If you’ve been out of the hobby for a really long time, things are sooooo much different now. 2.4GHz radios mean no more frequency conflicts, nitro and on-road are D E A D, and brushless/LiPo power systems can do things we couldn’t even dream of just over a decade ago.

And no Will, we have not done a review on the XXL2-E. We have been pretty slammed with numerous other vehicles, plus we didn’t receive one for review, but it is a machine that is aimed straight at the bashing market. It is huge, it has a gnarly power system, and it should do everything that a basher wants in his backyard. Tell ya what, I will shoot out the email and see if we can land one, it really is a truck that we should take a closer look at.

Go fast, explode tires, and bring it home in a bucket (as Craig The Uber Ramp guy always says)….

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