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ASK Cubby, Version- Your Questions About RC, Me Questioning My Sanity

“Hey Cubby,

Have you guys thought about doing a Losi Audi versus Traxxas XO-1 shootout? I think the whole world would thank you for it.

Dedicated reader,

Charles D.”

Cubby- Yo hey Charles, thanks for the email. And ya, I’ve already received multiple requests to put the Losi Audi R8 up against the Traxxas XO-1. And yes, it should make for a totally EPIC shootout. After we get done testing the Losi Audi, and if the XO-1 with TSM is on the market, we’ll definitely try to make it happen.

Btw… I haven’t seen this much buzz over a new car release (the Losi) since the Axial Yeti last year. The buzz around the Yeti was understandable, it was a very trick vehicle, by one of the hottest manufacturers, with great marketing behind it. However, the Losi is an on-road car, a genre that has been nearly been declared dead. Good for Losi, good for on-road, and hopefully good for all of rc.

“Midwest HostilFest

Hey, it’s not technically bashing (but let’s be honest-1/5th scale racing is just organized bashing for the most part). I wanted to let you guys know about a race kind of in your backyard that you may not have (but probably did) known about. Midwest HostilFest is taking place at DeadEnd Raceway in September, here in good old IOWA! It’s over by Fort Dodge (I can’t remember the actual “town”. Heck, it’s on a farm.). I went last year, and will be going this year as well. It’s all 1/5th scale, all the time. You can find it on Facebook, I’m too lazy to find the link (plus, corporate won’t let me access FB at work). I think a few of you guys have some 1/5th scalers, so fire them up and bring them over! It’s a great time! And no, I’m not actually affiliated with the race. Just a fellow RC addict trying to get you guys to Iowa.

Sorry, I suck for no links. I don’t work for a super cool awesome RC website (and, if you get one of those 1/6th scale Losi on roads to test….I have a great place to do it, so you could send it my way! HAHAHAHAHAHA!).

Thanks guys, keep up the good work, and my beard is better than your mustache.

Andrew H.”

Cubby- Yo hey Andrew, actually most of our test crew has been in Iowa in the last month. Myself, T-Money, and Hawaiian Chris did some testing of the Losi Mini 8IGHT Buggy with AVC in Iowa on our way to the HobbyTown USA Convention. Brian and Adam The Intern have also been in Iowa recently. No, it’s not a “big” rc state, but there certainly are bashers scattered over the place.

Ya, 5th scalers are good times. Their engines actually start right up and run, and they make short work of rough fields that would make an 8th scale monster truck go flopping end-over-end. It sounds like HostilFest is going to be a good time, feel free to shoot some pics and send them in. Throw in a couple of paragraphs on how the event went down and I might even post it up on our front page for ya.

Oh and… there is no way your beard remotely stands a chance against my pornstache, just say’n. 🙂

Woo hoo, that’s a wrap for this week’s ASK Cubby. Shoot me your questions, rants, or whatever else is floating around in that sick head of yours, thecubreportrc at Even if you are an industry type feel free to tell me what you really think, or just shoot me an email to shoot the bull. If your letter makes our front page you’ll get a free sticker pack, if I proclaim yours as “Letter of the Month” you’ll win a free t-shirt.

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