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“Young Newbs

Hey Cubby,
If all these RC companies want to get folks into the market and STAY in the market, then why don’t they offer radios that fit smaller hands? Say smaller hands for a kid? Start em young and get em hooked!

Adam S.”

Cubby- Hey now Adam, congrats on make’n the big time. Shoot us your snail mail so we can get ya out a set of BSRC stickers.

So why don’t manufacturers ship RTRs with smaller transmitters? Actually some of them did years ago, but too many people complained so they’ve all pretty much gone to transmitters that fit adult hands. Turns out that the vast majority of rc’ers are adults, hence the reason an adult sized transmitter is a better choice when included in an RTR.

However… you do bring up one of the problems that needs to be addressed in our industry, there is a need for smaller, or at least more versatile fitting, transmitters. One of my more infrequent bashing buddies has really small hands and is always complaining about transmitters working properly for him, as does my daughter who also has small hands. I’m sure most of our readers out there have noticed that nearly every transmitter on the market, from RTR to uber high-end, are made to fit an average sized adult male hand. Unfortunately a whole lot of men/women/children don’t have a hand that big and are forced to live with messed up ergonomics.

And… we haven’t even brought up the lefties out there, who really get screwed. I shoot archery in my spare time and the bow manufacturers always make sure there are an abundance of left handed bows getting shipped out to shops, but that is NOT the case in rc. In rc lefties are basically stuck with either having to adapt to a right handed unit, or popping the BIG bucks for a high-end transmitter that can be switched from right over to left. First world problem I know, but still, rc in general has done a very poor job of making transmitters to fit every possible hobbyist.

Ok… so here is something a little different for ASK Cubby. This is a letter Brian received about a Cub Report I wrote a while back. It seems that a couple of sentences that I wrote ended up actually changing a new model release. I am posting it (highly edited) here because there are a lot of voices in the rc industry, but very few that are actually heard and respected. I am lucky to be one of those few, and I hope my voice, and the other writers at BSRC, go a long ways towards standing up for the majority of you backyard bashers out there.


Just wanted to catch you up on something we’ve been working on since the Toy Fair. Using the negative comments from the “Cub Report” posted X/XX/2015 we were able to convince XXXXXX to take it seriously and let us help them work some magic on the “XXXXXX”. It has been revamped as the XXXXXXX with different wheels/tires, name, and paint scheme and is available in Red or Blue.


So there ya have it folks, the power of THE Cub Report. Some day I should do a full Cub Report on just how it has affected the industry. Anyways, you can reach me personally at thecubreportrc at I encourage members of the industry to talk shop with me there, or if you are a consumer and have a question, feel free to shoot me off an email. If I chose it for ASK Cubby you’ll get a free sticker pack and maybe even win one of our uber BSRC t-shirts.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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