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“off road RC car

what off road rc car has the longest drive time and that has a decent amount of speed that you have come across?

Flynn Gaves”

Cubby- Well hello there friend, how nice of you to write.

Nope, I don’t know what rc car has the longest runtime. With today’s batteries and power systems it isn’t uncommon to get into the 30 minute’ish realm for runtime. Of course rock crawlers can go much longer, but because you added the statement of “that has a decent amount of speed” that would rule them out. So… here are a few tips in what to look for in a car/truck to have extra long runtime.

1. Really fast means big current drain, which means less runtime. If a car can do 50+ out of the box, it will not have an exceptionally long runtime, even if it is brushless. Typically, cars with sealed brushed motors have “decent” speed (25 mph’ish) and don’t pull much current, thus giving them tons of trigger time before needing to be charged.

2. Heavy also creates a lot of current drain. Ya, the big monster truck can crush right over rough terrain, but because they drag along so much weight it can hurt how long they can be driven for. A lighter vehicle, like a 2wd stadium truck, could run for much longer.

3. Just like in full sized cars, 4wd also limits runtime. If you want maximum runtime, go with 2wd.

4. And of course… if you are looking at one RTR with a 1500mAh pack against another with a 3000mAh pack (all other things being equal), you’ll want to buy the truck with the larger battery pack. A 3000 pack will give you roughly twice the runtime of a 1500.

Peace and love, go fast crash hard, and don’t forget to bring it home in a bucket.

“Comment for your website

Dear Cubby & Brian,

Have a nice days and this is Abby from DYS.

Just find your website sell many hight performance toys. Do you interesting to added more in it?

Our quad racer are suitable for adult, our goods more and more hot in the global market. Our hobby parts more and more useful.

Don’t hesitate to contact me.


Cubby- Ummmmm…. ya. We get all sorts of whacked out emails here at BigSquidRC.

So Abby… obviously you are an avid reader (and huge fan) of BigSquid. Yes! We have lots of high performance “toys” on our website. Us men and our toys, you know how we love to play. We spend countless hours researching the next toy we will buy. Then spend even more hours prepping it, just to take it outside and beat the living daylights out of it, simply to amuse ourselves.

Oh…. so let me get to your actual question. Are we interested in adding more high performance toys to our website? Of course we are! Start sending some to us! I can not tell you have stoked I am for you to send us your quad racer and hobby parts. Tell ya what, I am gonna start holding my breathe right now, why don’t you start packing us up a care package and I will start breathing again when it arrives.


But seriously, that’s all this hobby needs is yet another company selling el’ cheapo rc gear. Sighhhhhh…

And there it is, yet another ASK Cubby is in the history books. Have a stupid question? What about some ignorant rant? Just wanna explode all over my email box? If so, thecubreportrc at gmail dot com is my email address, use it sparingly.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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