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ASK Cubby – Whoops, I Did It Again/Interesting Name Day

“Doubts on batteries

Dear Sir,

My name is Flavio C. and I live in Brazil. I intend to buy a Traxxas XO-1 here in Brazil. The stores here sell LIPO batteries from Zippy, Gens Ace and Turnigy. Which brands above are the best ones?

For Traxxas XO-1 do you suggest 2s 6000mAh or 3s 5000mAh or another configuration?

Best Regards,

Flavio C.”

Cubby- Wazzzzzzzuppppppp Flavio? Dang, the name Flavio is quite rare here in the states, but it is very cool, I hope you’ve been well.

So Flavio, sounds like you are into some serious speed. The Traxxas XO-1 packs a Serious power system on-board, so you are correct that your choice of batteries is going to be very important.

As you state in your email, your LHS (local hobby shop) stocks a number of batteries, including Gens Ace. I have been a big Gens Ace fan since day one, therefore I would highly recommend that you go with them.

As far as the actual size of the packs, “typically” the higher the capacity and “C” rating, the more current that a pack can reliably put out. In the XO-1, you are going to want to get all the juice you can get, so buy as big as you are comfortable fitting into your car.

One more note. I would start with a pair of 3S packs, but I would also probably pick up a 2S pack of the same brand/capacity/C-rating as well. You can wire the 2S in series with one of the 3S packs to run 5S, which will be great in the beginning as you get used to the beast.

Have fun, go fast, bring it home in a bucket…

“ARRMA Teaser

Its so hard to read about upcoming releases announced in US dates! Here in Oz (Australia), that means instead of a Friday buzz from Big Sqid, we have to wait until the wekend! On the upside, The Cub report drops on a Friday, so all is good!

Big shout out to OzRC and Mild to Wild RC, local supporters of everything RC and particularly bashing, and Briz RC for bashing good time kinda racing!


Cubby- Swirl? Now that’s a name I can get down with. Thanks a ton for reading and writing in my friend.

I am mostly posting this email so Swirl’s shoutouts can be seen by a wide audience. The bashing scene in Australia is super interesting to watch, plus it seems like you guys are freak’n gnar-core, which is right down our ally.

After I read Swirl’s email, I sent him a reply about an Australian bash. Seriously, that just might be on my bucket list- going EPIC down-under with a bunch of HARDcore bashers. We are starting to expand a bit in Europe at the moment, and I would love to see more of a BigSquidRC presence in Australia. If any of you hobby shops/distributors/clubs down-under want to attempt to plan a bash, shoot us an email!

Have a gnarly question? Need a gnarly answer? Have a rant that is burning a hole your chest? Email me- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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