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ASK Cubby- You Ask The Questions, I Blow Them Off and Eat More Turkey

“Which R/C should I get?

I am having a heart attack. I don’t know which R/C to get. I am looking for something to race/bash. I don’t care about the price and a kit doesn’t matter either.

Loving the website! I read it everyday!

Thanks for your time!

-Adam (Ohio)”

Cubby- Hola there Adam, thanks for the email and happy Thanksgiving to you and everybody else out there reading. By the time this hits the web I should be going back for thirds on turkey, stuffing, and all the other fix’ns. Hopefully everyone out in rc land is doing the same.

Ya know Adam, I truly love “Which Is Better/Which Is Best” emails. I especially like the ones where the writer doesn’t care about price, hence the reason yours made it to the front page.

So… what is the best basher/racer on the planet when price is no object? It just so happens that “price is no object” my specialty! I think in this case you should get on the phone. Give names like Cliff Lett, Gil Jr, and Kanai a call, make them all offers that they can’t refuse, then start up an all new high-end American based car company. Lock them in a lab for a few months with all the latest design software and 3D printers. Keep them well fed on Beluga caviar and hydrated on Dom Perignon, and just see what they come up with. Btw, don’t forget about me, I will be wanting at least a couple of whatever they come up with for my very own. 🙂

Otherwise… if you want something you can buy off the shelf, I would cut the check on a Durango DEX8T. Because you might also want to do some racing, that immediately cuts monster trucks out of the equation, which sucks, but there aren’t many tracks that allow them. Anyways, the DEX8T has big tires, great suspension, it is a very capable basher, yet can cut serious laps at the track. It comes as a pseudo kit, making it ultra-fast to build, and because it isn’t an RTR, you are free to install the uber electronics of your choice.

Get one, bash it hard, then blow away the locals with your lap times at the track. And yes, you are welcome.

“Best Tires


It seems you are always talking about how good Pro-Line tires are. They are all right, but they are far from the best. Why do you keep being so biased towards them?

Jersey Mike”

Cubby- Yo to the yo Mike, thanks for the email.

Well “Jersey Mike”, I am certainly not on their payroll, so it is definitely not money that makes me like their tires. And… I’m not getting huge boxes of free product from them, so that can’t be it either. Heck, about the only time I even talk to the P-L guys is at trade shows, so it’s not like I’m doing it as a personal favor.

So here are a few reasons why I personally prefer and always recommend them…

1. Look at race results. Ya, ya, an elite driver like Ty Tessmann can crush you or me on RTR tires, but still, at the highest levels of racing, tires REALLY matter. It doesn’t matter if you are racing go-carts, F1, the 250B motocross class, or 1/10th buggy at the local track, tires are the number one way to cut lap times. Pro-Line crushed it at the last big race that really mattered, the IFMAR 8th scale off-road worlds, and they crush it at dozens (hundreds???) of other big races a year.

2. Pro-Line tires simply work best at most of my local tracks. Out of a half dozen tracks that are close to me, P-L tires are the ones to have at 5 of them. That is from my first hand driving experience and hundreds of hours busting out laps. From my local clay-doe indoor track in the winter, to my local 8th scale outdoor track that can get dry as the Sahara during the summer, Pro-Line tires have been found to work the best for cutting lap times and for wear characteristics.

3. But hey, we are bashers here, so that’s what really matters. Well, P-L owns the basher market too. From having tried pretty much every basher tire that has hit the market in the last decade, nothing stacks up to Trenchers from an all around basher tire, or to Badlands for dirt use. They simply provide the most traction on surfaces that bashers drive on the most.

4. And lastly… they actually make basher tires that fit. How many other companies make 2.8 or 3.8 tires to fit on Traxxas wheels? What about basher 2.2″ stadium truck tires? Ya, plenty of companies make standard race sizes, only P-L makes plenty of different sizes to fit a huge variety of different vehicles.

So hey, when better tires come along I will happily jump on that bandwagon, until then I am going to keep recommending the ones that I have personally found work the best, which are indeed Pro-Line.

So there ya have it, another ASK Cubby is in the bank. Have a question? Want the masses to actually see your rant? Just want to shoot the bull? Email me, thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. If your letter hits the big time you’ll win a sticker pack, if I make it “Letter of the Month” we’ll even hook you up with one of our uber t-shirts. In my best Paul Harvey voice… Gooooood Day!

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