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“Hyperion 720i NET3 (still one of the best?)

I love the shootouts and reviews you guys do, keep it up. I’m in the market for my 1st charger and wanted to not cheap out and get a good one. I’m just getting into the hobby and don’t really need the Best available. Like the title states, is the Hyperion 720i NET3 still the best around? The iMax RC X200 & iCharger 308 ($120 more) were close competitors but was just wondering about any others.

Thanks for your time

Travis M.”

Cubby- Yo hey Trav, thanks for the email. You know the drill, shoot us your snail mail for a sticker pack.

So… what’s the best charger for the cash right now? I have no idea. Actually I do have my favorites, but without putting in some serious hours behind a West Mountain CBA, I wouldn’t feel right actually shouting at the top of my lungs which one I am really impressed with.

So X2… I will comment on the chargers you mentioned.

I use a Hyperion 720 on a daily basis. Yes, it is a still a great charger. It has decent power and delivers a solid charge. The biggest downside I see is that it is somewhat slower to balance charge than some of the other units on the market.

The iMax X200 is a joy to use. It has a killer screen that gives a lot of info and its touch screen works well. It doesn’t have a ton of power but enough for most typical applications. It’s quality of charge isn’t bad, but isn’t stellar either.

I also use an iCharger 308 on a daily basis. I know, I know, it’s all the rage with the “racer” crowd, but I have yet to be impressed. It is a PITA to use and its quality of charge isn’t as good as several other chargers that I have tested. It does have one big upside- power. If you are a racer type looking to pre-heat your LiPo by charging it to death, or if you want to charge high cell counts fast, then it is worth the hassle of learning how to use.

There ya go, shoot us an email letting us know what ya ended up with and how it worked out for you.

“2.4GHz Transmitter Shootout

I just finished reading your article about the 2.4GHz Transmitter Shootout. I really liked the article and found it helpful. I bought my first truck this weekend (Slash) and after the first day of use felt like the radio would be my first upgrade. That’s how I came across your article. I do have a few suggestions for the follow-up competitions.

1: It would be cool to see what the panel predictions are up front.
2: Also, being new to this as many are, there may be features we don’t know we need. It would be nice to know what the panel feels are the most important features.

Thanks again and I look forward to more reading,

Aaron R.”

Cubby- Guess what Aaron? Yup, you made the big time, shoot us your snail mail for your sticker pack.

Thanks for the mad love, it is always nice to hear.

About any of our shootouts… I know some media outlets post predictions before the testing starts, however we really try to stay away from that. In fact, we discourage all talk about the products until after all the testing has concluded. There are enough prejudices running through our minds before a shoot-out, during the testing we don’t want one tester’s opinion to affect anyone else.

And I hear ya about features. It is nice to have them all for specific or special applications, but the majority of bashers that I know typically just use the essentials like channel reverse, trims, and steering travel.

No flip’n way, you’ve read all the way to the bottom of another ASK Cubby. See you again same time next week, right here on the same Bat-Channel. Oh ya, if you have the stones, shoot me an email, Cubby at Make the big time, get free stuff.

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