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Axial “For Heaven sake”

Hey Cubby,

Thanks for providing a platform for all the amplification needed by Rc Enthusiasts.

Will you be kind enough to show some insight on :

What’s the purpose or advantage of buying these new lines on axial monster jam trucks (SMT10-Grave digger/max D) since they are painfully slow hence you can’t get the performance of a monster truck in stock a setup? I do have the axial Grave digger but it’s just an expensive show piece. What’s the actual reason to release these crawlers in the name of monster trucks;I failed to comprehend.

Hope to hear a logical response from you.

Faraz A.”

Cubby- Well Faraz, you will get no logical response from me because I am equally baffled. While I have not driven one, I have seen them run in person. I would guess they top out around 8’ish mph? 8 mph is great for rock crawling, but extremely slow for a monster truck.

The RTR manufacturers have figured out that “around” 25 mph is an acceptable speed for a typical noobie. 25 mph is fast enough to throw some decent roost, fast enough to make some good sized jumps, and more importantly, fast enough to leave a first time driver going “This thing is FAST!”. A few weeks ago we tested the new Traxxas Bigfoot. It was right at 25 mph with the stock NiMH (as many RTRs are). While it did not have the scale detailing of the Axial, it was a blast to drive. And at the end of the day, we are in this hobby to have fun while driving, which is mighty tough to do at 8 mph with a monster truck.

“What do the numbers mean?

To me, The numbering method of every race has 1 to x seems rather antiquated to me, now with computer timing. Why (At least for nationals up) don’t we run a number system similar to dirt oval? It allows racers to either rep their local events or show how well they’ve previously done in whatever event they’re currently running. It does seem like a logical evolution for RC racing to me.

Kyle C.”

Cubby- Hey ya Kyle, good question, so here’s an answer for ya…

Even at the IFMAR Worlds in Vegas a couple weeks ago, car numbering became a big issue. My opinion is that actually putting numbers on cars is completely worthless. Our cars are too small, the numbers simply can not be seen (except when sitting in your pit)! Full sized cars/bikes run numbers for scoring purposes and to help fans identify which racer is which. When they can not be seen, what is the point?

In rc we have fancy dancy computer systems for scoring and the only way to tell which racer is which is to know their personalized paint schemes. Most racers can easily tell which car on the track is Kinwald and which one is Tebo, simply based on their paint scheme. Adding numbers to their cars only works for close up photos and Nothing else, thus making it a huge waste of time and resources. To boil it down, we just need to move on and forget about putting numbers on our cars.

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