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“Best truck ever

Cubby can’t wait to see what you guys name as truck of the decade. After that, why don’t you name a best truck of all time?

Lemar H.”

Cubby- Hey there Lemar, thanks for writing in. Per the usual, a snail mail address will get ya one of our ridiculously cool Big Squid sticker packs.

Holy cow, a “Best Backyard Bash Truck Ever Made” would make for a great article, as well a few fist fights around the office I suspect, LOL. And now, you really have my mind reeling! Whew, man, so many epic vehicles have been released over all these years. And heck ya, it would be really fun to do a top 3 list or something to go along with it.

So, while it is quite temping to just shout out, “Traxxas T-Maxx hands-down for the win!!!!”, the T-Maxx might not be the winner. It was certainly the biggest seller of all time. It also put RTRs on the map, as well as nitro. The T-Maxx has a pedigree that no other truck can match, but it just didn’t have the latest technology. Even a truck like a brand new E-Revo 2.0 does everything “better” than a T-Maxx when actually bashing around a backyard. While one might think the voting for a “Best Bash Truck of All Time” might be easy and clear cut, it actually would pan out to be quite hard.

Keep yours eyes on the front page, maybe we’ll work a lil’ something up at some point in 2020…

“Blue or black

What color anodized parts should I get? I like old school blue, but black looks really cool too.

Carter A.”

Cubby- Hola there amigo, thanks for writing in. I have no idea why you would want me to pick the color of your hop-up parts, but then, why the heck not.

Blue- Oh yes, beautiful blue anodized parts. These were put to the forefront via the 2wd buggy race scene. It seemed everyone loved “Kinwald Blue”, just like I did. Seeing as how I have no idea what truck/car/buggy you will be putting these parts on, I would hold off on blue, unless it’s a vintage AE buggy build. Blue is awesome, but very worn out at this point.

Black- Ya know, the murdered out trend is nearly over. Sadly it isn’t completely over yet, because it has stayed far too long. Trendy colors should stick around for a couple years, not a couple decades. However, in the rc world, black is always an “in” color. Why is that? Because most of our parts are molded from black plastic. When you put on a black anodized upgrade part, especially on a scale build, it tends to just blend right in, and not stick out like a sore thumb.

Now, some people are into attention grabbing aluminum parts, but even if that is the case, I would recommend going raw aluminum, so it screams “I AM MADE OUT OF ALUMINUM”, not going with blue or black.

To boil it down, just in case you didn’t get the hint, I would cut the check on black, regardless of your vehicle.

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