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Hi guys love the site and all the work you do

Thank you for everything. I have a quick question regarding the Pro-Line secure cap kit you had installed on the Kraton. How did you do it? Did you dremel off the stock nubs and drill them ou?


Cubby- Well howdy there Adam, thanks for the email and congrats on being named “Letter of the Month”. Shoot us your snail mail and your shirt size so we can hook you up.

For everyone reading out there, HERE is a link to what Adam is talking about. A bit over a year ago we threw some mods on a Kraton, which included the use of the Pro-Line Secure-Loc Caps, which I adore. They are hard to lose, easy to use, and look really sano.

About your specific question Adam…

Yes, you can either use a Dremel with a cut-off wheel to remove the stock nub, or a hobby knife. You want to make the surface flat afterwards. Then, get a small drill bit and pre-drill a hole for the Secure-Loc grub screw to go into. It is super easy, it took us less than 5 minutes to convert our Kraton over to the P-L caps.

We actually did an article back in 2013 on how to do it, you can check that out Right Here.

“Thoughts on Arrma

I was just wondering what your guys thoughts on Arrma? Are they a cheap knock off type brand like ECX or they a pretty high quality brand like Traxxas or Losi? Thanks for your input!!

Mike L.”

Cubby- Yo, MTV Raps again Mikeee. Thanks for the email.

First off, you state that ECX is a “cheap knock off type brand”. It isn’t “knocked off” of any brand that I am aware of, and while quite affordable, the line as a whole has done a fantastic job of doing what it was designed to do- be a great beginner or basher line. While the very earliest ECX offerings (back when they were called Electrix) did have some issues, their newer products have mostly been tanks during normal use.

Anyways, back to your question. What do I think of ARRMA? I am a huge fan, and this is why. They are Hardcore about bashing and they really care about their consumers. How can I say that? Well, from talking to them in person, and from things Like This. The link takes you over to ARRMA’s Hall Of Fame, a page that shows off what their consumers have done with their vehicles.

While other “big name” brands totally shy away from the basher lifestyle (even though some of their products are aimed at bashers, a good example would be Associated), ARRMA does not. ARRMA realizes that the Vast Majority of hobbyists are backyard bashers. And while not glamorous, being a basher is something to be proud of, and ARRMA embraces that fact.

ARRMA is also not afraid to think outside the box. The Nero is a great example of this. It has a TWP chassis, it has remote locking diffs, and it comes with a tough looking under-body. The Nero was designed to push the limits of bashing technology, and that fact needs to be appreciated. Sure, ARRMA could have sat on their hands and kept on raking in the 1/8 monster truck cash from their outstanding Kraton, but they decided to push the limits of 8th scale monster trucks by also releasing the Nero.

But of course, like any product line, there can be issues. While the ARRMA Mega Series is a great entry level series of vehicles, their shock caps tend to pop off and some of the plastic used on them is too flexible, even for bashing. But overall, ARRMA must be applauded for how much they’ve done for the basher market in the relatively short time that they have been in the game.

So there ya have it folks, another ASK Cubby is in the books. Feeling particularly saucy? Send me an email, thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. If your email makes the big time we’ll hook you up with a sticker pack, if it is “Letter of the Month” we’ll send ya a BSRC t-shirt.

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