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“Rc and Big Squid helped save my life.

I just received the t-shirt and stickers you guys sent me. Dam Bro u guys hooked me up. Thank you!! What I mean by rc and you guys helped save my life is this: (short version) I’m 43 and I’m from Pennsylvania. Great family good up bringing i accelerated at sports and and loved riding quads and motorcycles and “hopping up” my rc rigs. My schooling and profession led me to being a corrections officer and certified police officer. Life was going great until I got hurt and the Dr put me on pain pills. Like many others my life was in shambles quickly. Got divorced lost my job and life wasn’t looking good. With the help of my family and God I got myself sober.

Today I have a good life. I’m a cnc operator at a major corporation and I have a beautiful 5 year old little girl. But what I meant by save my life is I lost touch with a lot of things I loved doing and rc was one of them. I would read your articles everyday and little by little life became exciting and peaceful again. Ya see the
order in which my life goes now is like this: Family work and rc. And of course Big Squid daily. Thanks for your kindness and an awesome site!!!

Joey B.”

Cubby- Yo Joey, very cool letter, thanks for taking the time to write it and to attach a picture of you and your ARRMA Outcast.

Ya know Joey, some people scoff at hobbies. They think they don’t need them. We aren’t cavemen anymore, we aren’t fighting for our lives, or searching for food, 24 hours a day. Modern man needs a way of keeping busy, keeping their mind active, something to keep them on a purposeful track. Rc is hands down a great hobby. It can take up as much or as little time as needed, and it is a great blend of technology, cars, and speed. All without the risk of ending up with a broken leg or worse.

When I was younger, it was motocross for me. I swear motocross kept me out of jail, off of drugs, and from knocking up some random girl in my high school. During my teen years I was either working, going to school, riding mx, or thinking about mx. I had a laser beam focus on my priorities and it kept me out of trouble (for the most part). I did do rc during those years, but it took a back seat to mx. After the injuries piled up and mx could no longer be a viable part of my “adult” life, rc took over, and to this day it still keeps me out of trouble (also for the most part… LOL).

I hope another one of our readers out there takes a look at your letter and picks up on how rc can be good for person. And not just good for taking up time, but for the soul.

Go fast, spin tires, break lots of parts, and we hope to hear more from you in the future.


Hey Cubby,

Something has been on my mind for quite awhile regarding Tamiya. They have been around forever, made tons of great RC’s (some of which are legendary), but it seems to me that they have no desire to step up and deliver bash vehicles at the level we are seeing from other manufacturers. I cut my teeth in RC with Tamiya vehicles and it seems to me the coolest vehicles they can come up with now are the re-releases I started with back in the day. What are your thoughts?

Best regards,

Chad C.”

Cubby- Ya know Chad… I am a big Tamiya fan as well. Or actually, much like my relationship with Associated, used to be a big fan. Tamiya made such cool stuff. Their cars had unique features and many of them just had a cool look to them.

Fast forward to today… when you look at their press releases, they put out a TON of “new” cars every year. The problem is, most of them are sitting on platforms that are decades old. And yes, the vintage/retro scene in rc has a decent following, but it is far from huge. I am sad when I see yet another year of Tamiya mostly releasing retro vehicles, when they could be putting out new designs that just might blow people away. It is like they have lost a lot of their fire to push the envelope. There certainly is a place for vintage designs, just as there is for pushing the envelope on new technology. And I don’t know if it is just a money thing, or if they are simply content using the same old base chassis with a new body on top, year after year after year.

Yes indeed, I would love to see a completely new and high tech monster truck from them. I would love to see their take on a true scale crawler. I hope they surprise us all and just say “Go For It!” in 2017, but I just don’t see that happening.

So there it is folks, ASK Cubby is finished for this week. Have a question? Need to rant? Just want some free stickers? Shoot me an email – thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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