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“Has BigSquid gone soft?

Just read the review of the E-Revo 2.0 and am disappointed in the Broken Parts section. I didn’t see any detail about the durability testing you did, in fact, only saw it about what you didn’t do (“No, we did not drive it WFO into a brick wall” and “we don’t have a lot of time on the truck”). I seemed to remember more detail about what you did do in the past and reread the Carisma GT10DT brushless review. Sure enough, plenty of detail on what you jumped it off of and slammed it into (“We started slamming it into non-movable objects full speed”, “we started jumping it off a 2 story roof to pavement with no success in breaking it. Then we hucked it off the roof to pavement purposely landing at weird angles and still no success. Then we popped in 3S and started slamming it into railroad ties, once again it would not break. Finally we resorted to slamming it full speed into a concrete curb on 3S”). It seems like you used to ramp up your tests until you actually broke something or proved that you couldn’t break it, please return to that technique.



Cubby- Yo to the yo Scott, and thanks for writing in.

No, we didn’t do our normal, which is start small, then ramp things up until it breaks with the Traxxas E-Revo 2. I don’t know if you’ve owned one of the newer 6S monster trucks, but they are damn hard to drive slow. LOL. OK, so they are easy to drive slow, but their nature pretty much makes your brain go “Wow, this is fun, next time I’m gonna hit that lip even faster!”. So pretty much from the first moment of driving with the Revo 2, we drove it hard.

So ya, the Revo 2 is a huge deal for bashers, so we turned the review around in under a week. We prefer more time with a truck, but this is the media biz, so a big new release like the Revo 2 needs to go up as quickly as we can.

As far as specific durability testing, well, we pretty much did that every time we pulled the trigger. I don’t know for sure, but we probably did 50+ standing backflips. How many other trucks can do that and have the rear diff live? We hit numerous wood ramps. Some landing to grass, some to pavement, the Revo 2 didn’t seem to care. Off the wood ramps we were getting gnarly air, so probably in the 15 to 20 range for height on the landings. We did two jumps off a one story roof, both landing to the wheels, which is far easier than a landing on its lid, but that’s just how it worked out. Plus, so many gnarly moments while out general bashing, every moment with the Revo 2 turns out to be pretty extreme. Over last weekend we got in some more time with it, we ramped things up to a 3-4 story tall cliff jump, which resulted only in a broken motor bolt. So… still even today our Revo 2 sits here with destroyed tires and one broken motor bolt.

And ya, we know you hardcore guys would LOVE to see every single moment of one of our reviews, and hell, we would love to provide such a thing. Right now we don’t have the time or resources to make such a thing possible, but hey, we’ll do some research and see what we can do, if only for one entire review or something.

“Bash Spots

Hey, Cubby

I was just glassing the Revo 2.0 review and found myself wondering where you took some of those pictures. Noticed the actual locations were not listed (I know you guys are getting old and probably forgot where you were). But, I’m a STL local and I’ve gone to check out the review locations you guys have listed before (like Mini Ha-Ha). I was wondering if you guys ever thought about doing a Bash Spot Directory. You could have a page on the site here with a list of bashing/crawling locations, the terrains they may have, etc.

Look forward to seeing you guys at the Cave Crawl next month!


Cubby- Yo hey Ryan, thanks for writing in. Shoot me a snail mail for a sticker pack. Or actually, I can’t remember the last time we’ve given out a t-shirt, so shoot me a shirt size too.

The pics you see in our Revo 2.0 review were taken in the St. Louis metro area at the park near the City of Valley Park Archery Range. That is a rather large park with tons of space for bashing, and it isn’t too busy, which is a huge plus now days with muggles turning rc drivers into the park rangers.

We thought about a bashing directory years ago. The problem was that thousands of parks are good bash spots, and bashers don’t tend to get together to bash. So it was going to be a very difficult thing to put together. But things are different now. More people are getting together to bash, often times meeting on FB, so we’ll do some research and see it we can come up with a list of spots that bashers tend to meet at in different areas of the country.

And heck ya, see ya at our Mud, Rocks, and Tears scale event on April 7th. The venue is really something incredible, and even I am looking forward to a laid back day doing some scaling with all you guys. We’ve received a LOT of response from this one, more than I think we’ve ever received for an event, so it is shaping up to be an incredible time, see ya there!

See, I knew you could make it to the end! Like I need any more emails, but here is my addy- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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