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ASK Cubby – You Find My Email, I Lose My Mind

“UK RC scene

Well, where do I start? I guess my main vent and question is….. Why aren’t more rc companies investing in the European market? Yes we have arrma and have always had the legend that is Schumacher over here in blighty, but I would like to see a shift in investment from the US to a UK/European market! It pains me to say this… But are we not worthy? Or is it all about the Benjamin’s??

Love your mustache,


Cubby- Ya know bro, I hear ya and totally agree. It seems some people have yet to get the memo that humanity (as well as industry) is evolving at a break-neck pace. Part of that evolution in industry is the disappearance of borders. Oh ya, the border of Italy/Spain/etc is physically the same, but if an Italian company posts a cool new product on Facebook and you order it, it is getting dern hard to tell a country of origin. I can see a day when you and or I click on “buy now”, we won’t really care if its coming from Canada, Asia, or Europe, all we care about is whether or not I can have it in my hands before I go bashing on Saturday.

Also, it seems like some of the European and Asian companies are really making a push right now. It used to be if you wanted a good rc car (or upgrade parts) you were probably going to buy from an American company. Now days, there are loads of killer products being produced from all across the globe.

America is in a state of deep change at the moment. Industries like rc (and motorcycling, etc) are getting their butts kicked by smart devices and the web. Back in the day, a guy might spend an hour a day wrenching on his rc cars. Now days, it is far too likely that he might be posting on Facebook for an hour, or playing a game app on his phone for that hour, or basically doing anything except for going outside. American’s are like sponges for marketing, and right now they are sopping it up 24/7 via social media sites like Facebook.

So while I see Europe as a market on the rise for both consumer sales and product development, most American companies are getting their butts kicked by the web (and its not just rc, its a BUNCH of sports, hobbies, etc) and simply don’t have the funds to make a big push overseas.

Is the Euro market “worthy”? It was not a big sales region in the past, but I certainly see it on the rise. However, if I was head of marketing for an rc company, I would truly go with a global marketing approach. I would be all over BigSquidRC, RedRC, NeoBuggy, LiveRC, RCMonkey, Mikanews, RC305, etc. But then, I’ve always had a “I wanna rule the entire globe” complex… LOL.

“RC Des Nations

As a guy that has raced motocross for over 20 years, I absolutely love the RC Des Nations idea, great Cub Report!

Frank K.”

Cubby- Yo Frank, what’s up? Ya know, after I rant above about how things need to be more global, Des Nations is all about national pride! LOL If I am anything, I am one hell’a hypocrite, but that’s me (and just about everyone else on this planet).

So ya, I’ve had one hell of a hard time writing recently, so I did not remotely do justice to this week’s CR, but that type of event could create a huge tsunami of social media, forum, and dot com marketing for the industry, the likes that we’ve NEVER seen in rc. In fact, I don’t know if this industry would even know what the freak to do if there was suddenly a huge interest in racing again, but as a longggg time rc racer, even I don’t want to see it die. Plus, I wanna see all the smack talk that surrounds a Des Nations, and see which country can win, as a team, with its top 3 racers!

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