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“Visiting events

Hey Cubby,

A few days ago a couple of friends and I were invited to come to an event. We’re very enthusiastic about it, but maybe also a bit nervous, since this will be our first perfomance ‘on stage’

A few things I’m planning to do to make it a great day:
– take all of my batteries (in safe storage)
– take charger
– take all of my 4 cars, to be able to keep running when something breaks
– take some spare parts of components that tend to break most
– jumping ramps
– make some rules about running directions and jumping away from people for safety reasons.
– maybe consider a prize-draw for some people to be able to drive a RC car (with risk of more breakage or disappointed people when I’ve broken them myself)
– pull on my bigsquid t-shirt

Do you have any additional tips we should take into consideration to make sure the event will be lots of fun?

Kind regards,
Peter B.”

Cubby- Yo hey ya Peter, thanks for writing in. A sticker pack is yours if you shoot me your snail mail.

So ya, over the last decade or so the BSRC Bash Crew has put on numerous “demos” at trade shows, car shows, charity events, etc. And yes, we’ve learned a LOT.

Here are Cubby’s Official Tips For Putting On A Successful RC Demo

1. Like you’ve shown above, bring EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING. You end up breaking things during a demo that have NEVER been broken by another human on this planet, you need every sort of spare you can have (and tools to put them on).

2. Make sure you are in a safe area. The Very Last Thing you want to happen is an audience member getting hurt. Use nets, use tape, use fencing, just make sure you have a safe barrier between you and your audience.

3. Get a crowd. No, do NOT do this by launching a Savage XL 30 feet into the air, that is hard on parts and could potential take one of your best trucks out for the entire day. We use… wait for it… NITRO! That’s right, fire up a nitro truck for a few minutes and people will literally come running to see what’s going on.

4. Now that you’ve got a crowd, it is time to impress. Do NOT do this by launching a Savage XL 30 feet into the air, LOL. After the nitro, we quiet things down with electric so we can talk to the crowd. Many of them will be impressed (especially young kids) by seeing cars simply driving around. After that, start doing some wheelies and small jumps. Then, as the announcer ramps up the crowd with an old fashioned “The louder you get, the BIGGER they go!!!!!” (in full monster truck announcer voice of course, Sunday, SUNday, SUNDAY!!) your demo drivers start going higher, pulling backflips, etc. Then you pull the old “le meilleur à la fin”, and ramp the crowd up even further with a “Now, who wants a t-shirt!!!!” while all your demo guys finish off their trucks.

Then you bow, pick up all the roses, kiss all the adoring women, and sweep up the parts and go home with everything in one tidy, 5 gallon bucket.

Have fun, send the heck out of it, and send us some video!

“Summer Special

Hey Cubby,

This is our infamous SUMMER SPECIAL STUNT SHOW!!! This year the heat’s getting to us!!! ;-p Happy summer to you and all the good guys at BigSquidRC yeeeeah!!!!;-)


Cubby- Hey Bjorn, really good to hear from you as always. I’ve posted your video above, I hope our readers enjoy your hardcore skate-bash session as much as I did.

For you readers, Italian might be the language used in the video (Bjorn’s native language), but big air looks awesome to any basher. I hope you enjoy the vid, Bjorn and the 2040 Bash Crew are no strangers to going epic. They’ve done a great job of promoting the hobby, as well as doing some great promo videos for trucks like the Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4, ARRMA Outcast, etc.

And yo Bjorn, we are officially calling out the 2040 crew to a Bash-Off at some point in 2019. Horizon has a big event going on over in Germany in a couple weeks, but the 2040 crew could not make it, so we are determined to head over to Italy and take them on their own turf next year! We’ll see, as both of our groups are busy people, but we would love to meet up with the 2040 crew and break a bunch of parts over in Italy!!

Have a question? Need an answer? Have a rant that you just have to get off your chest? Email me- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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