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I am starting a new no-prep drag car build, what is the easiest way to go about it, where do I even start?

Guthrie C.”

Cubby- Hola there Guthrie, thanks for taking some time out of your life to send us an email. A snail mail for a sticker pack, as always.

What is the easiest way to build a no-prep drag car? That would probably be going out and buying the Team Associated DR10 drag car. The DR10 was derived from their multi-time national championship winning SC10 short course truck and comes fully pre-built and painted right out of the box. That IMO would be the easiest, plus it should be a solid car to race with long term.

The second easiest way (and the way most people have done it) just might be building a short course truck that you already have laying around the house. If you have something like a Traxxas Slash, AE SC10, HPI Blitz, etc, they are not very hard to convert over. Basically you’ll need some new wheels and tires, plus a new body and some longer body mounts. If your truck already has brushless power in it, you are ready to race, if not, dump the brushed unit and pop in some real power.

“Which is the newer model: Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 or eMTA G2?


Can you tell me which of the above models is the newer model?


Justin V.”

Cubby- Howdy there Justin, thanks for writing in to Big Squid. Of course your snail mail will get ya one of our sticker packs.

The mighty Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 was released right around the 2011 mark, while the eMTA G2 came out a couple years after that. The MT4 G3 is still one of the mightiest 1/8 monster trucks to be found, but the eMTA version was not as warmly received. Both came with huge tires and gnarly brushless powerplants under the hood, and while the MT4 G3 was known for its durability, the eMTA was not.

Speaking of Thunder Tiger, they haven’t released any surface products for quite some time. However, their Team Associated brand has been making plenty of waves in 2020, which has been really nice to see. Thunder Tiger seems to be focusing more on submarines and other remote control projects for professional use than the hobby segment at this time, but you never know, they may have more awesome bash products in the works.

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