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“ARRMA Teaser


Come on bro, fill me in, what is the new ARRMA? I know you know, come on man, hook me up!

Pace R.”

Cubby- Yo, hey there Pace, long time no talk! Glad to see ya around though, shoot me your snail mail for a sticker pack.

What is the new ARRMA? Thankfully ASK Cubby lands on a Thursday, so I don’t spill the beans too early, but I can certainly talk about the new 1/10 ARRMA Big Rock.

First off, I love the crew cab body- it has a scale feel, while also looking bash friendly. Then of course it will be ARRMA tough, which is always awesome, plus it comes stock with a 3S brushless system. It should have big power and be fairly durable, so we can’t wait to check one out in person. Oh ya, the price is $319, which is low enough for just about everyone, ARRMA should sell a zillion of them.

“Brushless Rustler

Hi Cub,

Can you help me out on gearing for my Rustler? The motor always seems to run hot, no matter how I gear it? I have been running a brushless system in it for about a year on 3S.

Best Regards,

Brian W.”

Cubby- Hey Brian, a lot of people write in with a question like that, so here we go.

If there is no gearing that allows for proper temps, then it sounds to me that you’ve gotten your motor too hot and need a new rotor. Overheating a motor by accident is quite easy. Let’s say you forget to mow the lawn and the grass is three times taller than normal. That will send your temps through the roof. Let’s say that it rained for the last two days straight and the empty lot where you normally bash is super muddy. That will skyrocket your temps too. What if your truck has a bearing going bad that you don’t notice? Same dealio. Normally you bash and it never gets any hotter than 80. This weekend it gets crazy and hits 105. Yup, once again that will make your motor temps run higher than normal. And it doesn’t take running a motor at 240 degrees for hours to ruin it, just seconds. Experienced hobbyists can look at their driving area and make gearing changes at a glance. We learned the hard way by ruining motors in the past, now we know better.

I still say that a small temps gauge should Always be in a basher’s pocket. It never hurts to check your temps once in a while, even if “nothing” has changed. Changing out a rotor isn’t hard, or very expensive, but you certainly don’t want to be doing it all the time. You can have loads of power, at a very low long-term cost, if you simply take a few seconds here and there to check your motor temps.

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