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“Optima paint color?

Hey, do you know the brand and color of paint that was used on the Optima that was reviewed on bigsquid?

Greg M.”

Cubby- Yo hey ya Greg, thanks for writing in. Shoot me or Brian your snail mail so we can ship ya out a bunch of BSRC stickers.

Oh yes, the ole’ Kyosho Optima, an old school buggy that actually does quite well today. We did that review a couple of years ago (April 16′) and I still remember driving it. We actually put down a bunch of laps at our local track and I was amazed at just how well it could keep up. Then, after all the track time, we beat on it like a bunch of demented kids and it held up far better than the original. Oh and, I built it chain style just to keep it old school. And yes, the Kyosho sounded pretty awesome (read- loud/old school, LOL) running chain drive.

Oh ya, you wanted to know about paint! For that particular review I used some Duratrax orange paint, fluorescent orange if I remember correctly. I probably did 2 or 3 light coats of the orange, than a single coat of white as a backer.


Hey Cubby when is your Losi Super Rock Rey review going to be done? Do I need to get one on pre-order or what?

Owen C.”

Cubby- Hey ya Owen, thanks for writing in to ASK Cubby. If you provide me your snail mail I will fill in your box with BSRC stickers.

So ya, we are oh-so-close to being finished with our Losi Super Rock Rey review. So far, it has loads of power, it loves blasting over rough ground, and we are still learning more about it each day. If I had to place a bet on when our full review will go live, I would say at some point next week. From what I’ve heard they are expecting the SRR to ship in December, so you will still have plenty of time to decide on a pre-order after reading our review (hopefully next week).

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