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“Pro-Line PRO-2?

Hey Cubby,

I was wondering if you had any insight or insider information as to what’s going on with Pro-Line? Their website lists the PRO-2 and PRO-2 Buggy as out of stock, most online retailers list those two as “discontinued”. Where can somebody find a quality non-RTR basher? I like building kits, but I don’t race, and the Tamiya kits are nice nostalgia but don’t scratch the itch that the Pro-Line kits do.


Carl M.”

Cubby- Yo Carl, thanks for the email and please remember to shoot us your email so we can send you out a sticker pack.

To make sure I got you a 100% dialed answer I spoke with Jessica over at Pro-Line. Right now the PRO-2 SC and PRO-2 Buggy are temporarily unavailable but they will be offered again in the future. There is not a clear date that I can give you for their return, but seeing as how they are some pretty uber bash machines, they will definitely be worth the wait.

Which reminds me, I have essentially worn my PRO-2 SC, PRO-2 SCB, and PRO-MT completely out ( <- understatement of the decade) and need some new ones, so it looks like I need to get in line right behind you Carl. 🙂

A Waste of Space


I used to enjoy the Cub Report column. I quit reading (and log-off) as soon as soon as the super-cross rants start.

Why do you allow this? Is it the writer does not have enough RC related material? Lack of imagination? Laziness?

I let the first couple of columns slide when his train of thought got derailed. Could not let it continue however, without comment. Sent your writer an e-mail complaining about him going off-subject. He did comment, in print, about the need for other interests. I agree. I have several other interests. For instance, I play the bass guitar. Visit many sites, read many columns about the subject. Never, in anything I read about the bass, has the writer gotten sidetracked with his personal interests. I did not visit BigSquid to get the latest and greatest news about supercross. I visited to get the latest and greatest news about RC. Nothing else. Period. Fortunately, there are other outlets for me to get the RC fix I used to get from BigSquidRC.

I am breaking up with BigSquidRC, And please know, it’s you not me.

Thanks for your time this morning.

Cubby- Well hey there Bob, be sure to shoot us your snail mail for one of our uber sticker packs. Ooopsss, wait, what? Bob no longer reads BigSquidRC? OMG, my heart is broken and I can’t stop crying. Watch out people, a flood of tears is headed your direction, hop in a boat right now or prepare to drown!

Ya know, hate mail always makes for better reading than “Which is better, an ARRMA Granite or the ECX Ruckus?”. I get around a half dozen or so hate emails like this a week, always melting down over something, usually over the most innocuous of things. You see it everywhere now days, from FB to even Reddit, it just keeps getting more common.

What people like Bob don’t understand is that this is America. I am American and I love my freedom of speech. In THE Cub Report I talk about whatever I want. It is mine, this is our website, and if I feel the need to write 1500 words on some esoteric watch that you’ve never heard of before, you can either wait around and see how I link that together with rc, or you can put your tail between your legs and bail.

Since when did people think it is right to push their will on others? Bob doesn’t like Supercross, therefore he doesn’t think I should write about it. In his world, the one where the entire universe revolves around him, he thinks that everyone should think the way he does and like what he likes. Thank God we don’t live in that universe…

There are several reasons we are on top, with one of the biggest being that we are simply different from the rest of the pack. 15 years ago it would have been unthinkable for an rc media source to write about anything other than rc. It would have been unthinkable to hold a legit shootout, unthinkable to actually criticize things in the industry, etc. BRSC is where it is because we aren’t scared to knock the walls off the box with a sledgehammer. And while we might lose some readers over it, we are who we are and that isn’t going to change, ever, for anyone.

Yup, there ya go ya bunch of hooligans, another ASK Cubby is a wrap. Have a question? Must have an answer? Need to get something off your chest? Just want to talk about Supercross? My email box is always open – thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. Make our front page and get some free stickers or be declared “Letter of the Month” and win one of our incredibly comfortable t-shirts.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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