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“R/C Fun Run in Wapakoneta, Ohio

Have you ever though of a ROAD TRIP TO Wapakoneta, Ohio. We are know for our out of this world flight. Wapakoneta is the home of that Famous Neil Armstrong, first to the moon. At our annual Fun Run we have a Long Jump Contest, Big Air contest, and more. This our 15th year, we are moving from downtown Wapakoneta to Heritage Park behind downtown at the river wall. We had talked a few years back at the Ihobby Show in Chicago (Yes it has been a few years). The date is July 22, 2017. You can contact me at Dad’s Toy Shop 419-738-2007 during business hours Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, Thu 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sat 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Thanks for your time
JP Metz
Dad’s Toy Shop
42 years of serving Hobbyist”

Cubby- Yo hey ya JP, thanks for the email and for the invite. I know exactly where Wapakoneta is, it’s in the Northwestern part of Ohio not far off I-75. And ya for sure, if we aren’t committed to something else industry related that weekend, we’d love to come out and bust up some cars. If you would, please send us an event flyer so we can post it once the event gets a bit closer.

For all you drivers out there, here is another chance to get your bash on with people just like you. If you live in the area, or are up for a road trip with your bashing buds, be sure to mark July 22 on your calendar and get your GPS ready for a trip to good ole’ Ohio. Hopefully we’ll see a bunch of you there.

“Opinion On New RC

I was hoping that you could help me make a decision as to which truck I should get into. I really like the Traxxas X-Maxx, but I’ve been hearing mixed reviews. I also really like the Arrma Nero based on your good review of it. Anything on the 2 stroke gas side of things that you’d recommend? I am an auto mechanic so I know how to work on gas better than an electric system. I have 2 acres of grass that I will be driving on for the most part.

Thank you for your time
Cody P.”

Cubby- What’s up Cody and thanks for writing in.

So you are look’n for a new rig and want a little personalized advice. As requested, here ya go…

Traxxas X-Maxx – I like it a lot. It’s physically very large, it runs over most other monster trucks with ease, and it soaks up Huge landings incredibly well. The only real complaint I had about it was raw power, something that has been fixed with the 8S edition of the X-Maxx.

ARRMA Nero – Truck of the year and for good reason, it’s fast, it is fairly tough, and its smart diffs come in really handy if you bash on a wide variety of surfaces.

Nitro – Ya know, I am not a nitro guy, but after all these years of electric, even I am getting the nitro itch. I think the industry realizes this as well, they are starting to make another nitro push in 2017. There are a bunch of solid nitro trucks on the market, but for bashing purposes, something like the Traxxas Revo would have to be considered one of the best. Also, we are now testing the latest Losi EIGHT-T nitro RTR, which is quite large and has done a great job for the general bashing that we’ve been using it for. Nope, nitro isn’t as easy to keep running as electric, but for some people that is the best part of the hobby- tinkering, adjusting, etc. Seeing as how you are an auto mechanic you might very well enjoy tuning and running a nitro burner, although learning the basics of electric power systems via an rc car will be a huge help to you in the future of being an auto mechanic.

Peace and love, and shoot me some pics of whatever you end up buying.

Put a fork in it, this edition of ASK Cubby is officially done. Have a question? Gotta get something off your chest? Tired of the world and have to tell someone? My email address is thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. If, and I highly doubt it will, but if your letter hits the big time you’ll get a free BSRC sticker pack. Better still, if I proclaim yours as letter of the month we’ll hook you up with one of our lit new BSRC t-shirts.

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